PlayStation VR - Sony's headset could be PC compatible


  • PlayStation VR on PC? Maybe, but not right away

The release of Sony's virtual reality headset is approaching. Only a few more weeks before the general public can try out virtual reality as seen by the Japanese manufacturer. Logically, the announcements will surely multiply in the days to come. The one that interests us today concerns a possible compatibility of PlayStation VR with PCs.

PlayStation VR on PC? Maybe, but not right away

This statement comes to us from Masayusu Ito, vice president of Sony in Japan. He confided in an interview with Nikkei magazine that the Japanese firm was already considering making its virtual reality headset compatible with this platform. According to him, the performance of the PlayStation 4 and the PCs are so close, especially by their x86 architecture, that they could make this project possible. Some PC gamers may question this allegation.

However, there is an obstacle to possible compatibility. Indeed, Masayasu also explains that the PSVR exclusives relating to the PlayStation 4 should be the main drag. Sony is considering that a number of exclusives come out before considering making its headset PC compatible, so as not to disadvantage its progress on home consoles. We will obviously have to wait a long time before we can connect our PlayStation VR headsets to our machines, and enjoy a low-cost virtual reality experience on a computer.

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