Pokémon Go: how to capture Meltan and Magneti shiny

Pokémon Go: how to capture Meltan and Magneti shiny


In the Pok√©mon saga, the new Pok√©mon Let's Go game for Nintendo Switch takes on special significance. It is not only the first ‚Äúreal‚ÄĚ Pok√©mon game to release on home console, but also the first to bridge the gap between official Game Freak games and Niantic's Pok√©mon Go mobile game. Indeed, it is possible to transfer the creatures captured in Pok√©mon Go to Pok√©mon Let's Go.

In addition, the mythical Pok√©mon Meltan introduced for the first time in Pok√©mon Let's Go can also be obtained in Pok√©mon Go. To do this, you do not need to own Pok√©mon Let's Go. This small steel-type monster can be acquired as soon as possible. now through a special study mission ‚ÄĚLet's GO, Meltan‚Äú. This mission takes place in seven stages:

  • Step 1: Run 5 Pok√©Stops or arenas, capture 5 Pok√©mon, transfer 5 Pok√©mon
  • Step 2: Get 2 candies for your buddy, get 10 super throws, hatch 3 eggs
  • Step 3: Capture a Metamorph, win two arena fights, participate in two raids
  • Step 4: Capture 5 Electric Pok√©mon, capture 5 Steel Pok√©mon, get 5 candies for your buddy
  • Step 5: Evolve a Tadmorv, capture 5 Limagma or Gloupti, make 20 super throws
  • Step 6: Evolve a Magenton, capture 5
  • Step 7: Evolve a Soporifik, capture an Osselait, capture a Insecator
  • Step 8: Capture 2 Amonita or Kabuto, capture 2 Lilia or Anorith, capture a Ptera
  • Step 9: It's won! You receive Meltan candy, stardust, and a super incubator.

You will understand, this special study mission is probably the most difficult since the game launched. And unfortunately, you are not at the end of your troubles: evolving Meltan into Melmetal is even more difficult. You will need 400 Meltan candies, and you can only get 11 through the mission. The only alternatives are to get hundreds of rare candies, or to choose Meltan as your buddy.

However, Meltan requires walking 20 kilometers to get a candy. So you will have to walk 8000 kilometers to develop your Meltan. Prepare good shoes. While it's possible to get Meltan candy through trades, other players are unlikely to want to ditch it.

Le easier is to buy Pok√©mon Let's Go. Indeed, when you capture Meltan in the game for console, you receive a ‚Äúmystery box‚ÄĚ allowing to make appear dozens of Meltan around you in Pok√©mon Go. Enough to fill up with candy!

Pokémon Go: how to capture Shiny Magneti

Pokémon Go: how to capture Meltan and Magneti shiny

Since the launch of the Pokémon Let's Go event, many Pokémon Go players report having encountered Shiny Magneti. Indeed, the Chances of encountering a Chromatic Magneti are increased for the duration of the event. If you come across a Magneti, hurry up and start the fight!

Ce Magnéti shiny is distinguished by its golden color, as opposed to the ordinary silver colored Magneti. By using 100 candies, you will be able to evolve it into Shiny Magneton. It will also be possible to evolve Magneton into Shiny Magnezone, but this fourth generation Pokémon is not yet in Pokémon Go.

In parallel, the event also allows meet some rare Kanto Pokémon more frequently that we rarely see in Let's Go. This is for example the case of Kabuto and Amonita. Finally, until November 27, 2018, raids will allow you to obtain evolutions of Eevee and evolutions of Pikachu. You will be able to receive Aquali, Voltali, Pyroli, Nocatli, Mentali, Raichu and Alola Raichu.

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