Pokémon Go - How to choose the evolution of Eevee

Pokémon Go - How to choose the evolution of Eevee


Since the first GameBoy games, the Pokémon Eevee has had a special feature. It is the only one to have several different evolutions: Aquali, of water type, Voltali of electric type, and Pyroli of fire type. With the arrival of the following versions, Eevee can evolve into even more different creatures!

The player can choose the evolution of Eevee by using special items, by changing the level of happiness of the little animal, or even according to the time of day at which it evolves. However, in Pokémon Go, the evolution system is a little different from that of the original games.

In the mobile game developed by Niantic, all you have to do is use candy to make your Pokémon evolve. However, Eevee can also undergo these various evolutions in PoGo.

A priori, this transformation is random. Eevee evolution is determined at random, so the player is supposed to evolve Eevee until they get the desired creature. Fortunately, there are however tips to choose between Aquali, Voltali and Pyroli but also Mentali and Noctali, Phyllali, Givrali and Nymphali. Discover these tips through our complete file.

Pokémon Go: how to evolve Evoli into Aquali, Pyroli or Voltali?

Pokémon Go - How to choose the evolution of Eevee

To choose the evolution of Eevee in Pokémon Go, simply rename Evoli before changing it. If you rename it Rainer, it will turn into Aquali. The name Pyro will allow it to evolve into Pyroli. Finally, an Eevee renamed Sparky will change into Voltali. This is a direct reference to episode 40 of the American version of the Pokémon cartoon, in which the Eevee brothers each have an evolution of the little creature.

If the developers continue to follow this logic of homage to the cartoon, then it will probably be possible to choose the evolution of Eevee with each new generation of Pokémon integrated into the game. Once the Pokémon thus renamed, restart the game to be sure that this change is registered on the Niantic Labs servers. Now you just need to use 25 candies to evolve Eevee into the creature of your choice.

Pokémon Go: how to evolve Eevee into Noctali or Mentali?

Pokémon Go - How to choose the evolution of Eevee

Following the February 2017 update, Eevee benefits from two new evolutions: Mentali, Psychic type, and Noctali, Dark type. These two evolutions come from the Gold and Silver versions of Pokémon, initially published on Gameboy Color in the year 2000.

This time again, it is possible to obtain these two creatures easily by renaming Eevee before evolving it. To get a Mentali, rename it Sakura. To have a Noctali, simply rename it Tamao. This is a new reference to the Pokémon cartoon. Sakura and Tamao are two of the five Kimono sisters, and each have an Eevee evolution.

According to Reddit users, there are a second method allowing to choose the evolution of Evoli between Mentali and Noctali. This method consists of walking 10 kilometers with an Evoli, for later make it evolve during the day or night. If it evolves at night, it will transform into Noctali. If it evolves in broad daylight, then it will transform into Mentali.

Warning: for this method to work, you must choose Eevee as Pok√©mon ‚ÄĚBuddy‚Äú until its evolution. Knowing that the name change trick only works once per evolution, this second method allows you to have a second Mentali and a second Noctali very easily.

Pokémon Go: how to evolve Eevee into Phyllali or Givrali?

Pokémon Go - How to choose the evolution of Eevee

Since the fourth generation, Evoli can also evolve into Phyllali (plant type) and Givrali (ice type). You might be wondering how to get these evolutions in Pokémon Go in order to complete your Pokédex.

Since May 2019, it is finally possible to evolve Eevee into Phyllali and Givrali thanks to the new Lure Modules integrated into the game by Niantic. Data Miner Chrales spotted these new objects in the game code at the beginning of May 2019, but their implementation is now official. After adding many fourth generation Pokémon over the previous months, Niantic finally allows you to obtain the evolutions of Eevee of this generation.

The new decoys not only attract Pokémon, but temporarily and artificially create the environment that serves as their natural habitat and is necessary for their evolution. So the Glacial Lure allows you to evolve Eevee into Frostbite, and Mossy Lure allows you to transform it into Phyllali.

It is also possible to use the Magnetic Lure to evolve Magneton into Magnezone. These lures can be purchased in the shop for 200 PokéCoins per unit.

As a reminder, in the original game, Eevee only evolves in these forms when it gains levels. near an Ice Stone or a Moss Stone. Likewise, Magneton and Tarinor only evolve in their respective final forms, Magnézone and Tarinorme, when they gain levels near a magnetic field ...

According to the feedback of some players, it is also possible to evolve Evolved into Givrali or Phyllali by renaming it as for the first generation evolutions. Thus, by calling Eevee ‚ÄĚLinnea‚ÄĚ before evolving it, he would have a chance to transform into Phyllali. Likewise, by renaming it "Rea", it would be possible to force it to evolve into Frosty. However, the technique no longer works systematically ...

How to evolve Eevee into Nymphali?

Pokémon Go - How to choose the evolution of Eevee

Since the sixth generation, the adorable Eevee can evolve into Nymphali (fairy type). Unfortunately for now we still don't know how and when it will be possible to evolve Eevee into Nymphali.

This evolution is the last of the eight forms of Eevee, and will almost certainly be next on the list! However, knowing that this is a sixth generation Pokémon from versions X and Y, it will probably be necessary to wait a little longer since the deployment of this generation has not yet started.

When the deployment of Generation 5 Pokémon is complete, Nymphali will undoubtedly be added to the game very quickly. the sixth generation brings only 72 new monsters from the Kalos region.

Based on the deployment of previous generations, we can expect a launch for the start of the 2020 school year. The previous generations were added between the months of September and October. The first fifth-generation Pokémon was introduced on September 16, 2019, almost a year ago.

Generation 6 Pokémon have already started rolling out since the Beyond update in November 2020. However, Nymphali is not part of this first wave.

When adding Nymphali, it will certainly be possible to choose a name allowing to force the evolution of Eevee. As a reminder, in the original game, Eevee must learn at least one Fairy type attack and have a high level of friendship with his trainer to transform into Nymphali ...

Pokémon Go: what are the precautions to take before evolving Eevee?

Pokémon Go - How to choose the evolution of Eevee

Note that it is better to wait until you are at least level 15 before proceeding with the evolution of Eevee. An Eevee captured at this level will have a lot more Combat Points, and its evolution will therefore also be much more powerful.

Also check that the combat points of the Eevee you want to evolve has the maximum number of combat points: 969. To make sure you find an Eevee to its maximum potential, you can look for an Eevee nest near you. Once this nest has been found, you just have to go there regularly to capture many specimens and keep the most promising.

It should also be noted that this trick only works once per evolution. Therefore, make sure your Eevee has the best features before upgrading it.

Finally, even though many users have used this technique successfully and even though it was officially unveiled by Niantic at San Diego Comic Con, it does not always work. It may happen that the trick does not work. Some believe that this method only works during the first evolution of Eevee.

However, failures are more likely to be related to server problems occurring at the same time. So make sure that Niantic's servers are running before proceeding. As mentioned above, restart the game immediately after upgrading your Eevee to ensure that this change is saved on the servers.

Pokémon Go: why choose the evolution of Eevee?

Pokémon Go - How to choose the evolution of Eevee

When Pok√©mon Go launched, Aquali was one of the most popular Pok√©mon with players. Relatively easy to obtain thanks to the technique mentioned above, it was also among the most powerful creatures. It was therefore judicious to choose this evolution among the three available. Unfortunately, its potency has been drastically reduced since then. Initially, his Pistol attack at O ‚Äč‚Äčhad a power of 10. This power has been reduced to 6.

Cette reduction makes Aquali less devastating, though its high stamina grants it more health than most Pokémon. Despite everything, following this change, Aquali has become less ubiquitous in Pokémon arenas. On the other hand, the second generation Mentali and Noctali evolutions introduced in February 2017 are both very powerful.

now choosing the evolution of Eevee mainly allows you to avoid wasting candies by finding yourself several times with the same evolution. By using the technique, you will be able to complete your Pokédex more quickly and make sure you get all five evolutions directly. This is the easiest way to get all the evolutions of the little creature, essential to fill the Pokédex to 100% ...

Pokémon Go: how to get Eevee crowned with flowers?

Pokémon Go - How to choose the evolution of Eevee

As part of Pokémon Day 2019, it was possible to obtain a special version of Evoli decorated with a wreath of flowers. From September 1 to November 1, 2019, this limited edition was awarded as a reward for the Special Study Mission.

To obtain it, it was necessary to complete one study task per day for seven consecutive days. The luckiest players were even able to get an Eevee crowned with Shiny flowers, only appearing 1 in 450.

By evolving this version of Eevee, its evolved form will also be crowned with flowers. It is therefore possible to acquire all the evolutions of Eevee with this lovely hairstyle. Their characteristics are identical to those of the classic versions, but this crown gives them an additional aesthetic touch.

The only way to get Crowned Eevee and its morphs now is to trade. This is a Extremely rare Pokémon, but hopefully it will be offered as a reward again at a future event.

Pokémon Go meta: what is the most powerful Eevee evolution?

You now know how to obtain the different evolutions of Eevee. However, you might be wondering which one is more powerful, which one to favor if your goal is to triumph in Raid and PVP.

Since the early days of Pokémon Go, Aquali is a very powerful creature. This is the best water Pokémon after Kyogre and Leviator.

For its part, Phyllali is a very good striker given the deficit of really offensive Plant-type Pokémon. However, Bouldeneu remains more powerful.

If you need Electric-type Pokémon, Voltali is a good alternative to Electhor and Raikou. Likewise, Pyroli compensates for a lack of Sulfura and Entei in your army.

On the other hand, Mentali is not very useful in combat given the many Psychic-type Pokémon that inflict heavy damage. Frost, on the other hand, is significantly weaker than Mammochon as an Ice-type Pokémon.

Finally, as a Dark-type Pokémon, Noctali is almost useless compared to Tyranitar. However, he remains more aggressive than Demolossus in most fights.

Everything about Eevee

Evoli is part of the very first generation of Pok√©mon, introduced in Japan with the Green and Blue versions from 1996. Although less well known than Pikachu, whose popularity was propelled by the official cartoon, it is also considered one of the cutest and iconic Pok√©mon of the ‚ÄĚgen 1 ‚Äú.

Selon Motofumi Fukiwara from Game Freak, Evoli is based on a childhood memory. In his youth, the game designer born in 1963 remembers having seen an ‚Äúindefinable creature‚ÄĚ. By trying to draw it, he created Eevee.

This Pokémon is not directly inspired by a specific animal. However, Fujiwara admits that Eevee him reminds of a cat or a dog with fluffy fur.

In English, its name is "Eevee" and comes from the letters "E" and "V": an abbreviation for the word "evolution". The original name "Iibui" means "to evolve" in Japanese. The play on words with ‚ÄĚevolution‚ÄĚ was taken over for the French name.

In the Yellow version, Sacha's rival, Régis, has an Eevee as a starting Pokémon. In addition, Eevee is the starting Pokémon for the game on Nintendo Switch.

It is a Normal-type Pok√©mon. Its main feature is that it has the greatest number of evolutions of the whole saga. Indeed, Eevee can evolve into eight different Pok√©mon! According to the Pok√©dex, this is linked to its ‚Äúunstable genetics‚ÄĚ.

Physically, Eevee looks like a mammal with brown fur provided. Its muzzle and small black triangular nose are reminiscent of a cat. A cream-colored collar surrounds its nose, and its pointed tail is similar to that of a fox. His eyes are dark brown. Its ears are similar to those of a rabbit. Its small paws have three toes and it has no visible claws. Its pads are pink.

From P and, Evoli male and Evoli female have differences. A male Eevee has a zigzag pattern at the end of his tail, while a female has a heart pattern.

THEEevee's main habitat is the city. It is a primarily urban Pokémon. However, due to its ability to evolve to adapt to its environment, it can be found in any event.

- Evoli evolutions depend on its environment, of the time of day, of his level of friendship with his trainer, or the use of evolution stones such as the Water Stone, the Lightning Stone, the Fire Stone, the Plant Stone or the Ice Stone.

In terms of continents, Eevee is more common in Kanto. However, it can also be captured in Johto, Sinnoh, Unys, central Kalos, Alola and Galar.

Evoli is one of the few Pokémon in the Sun and Moon versions to have a specific Z Capacity: Nine for one. This technique draws the strength of the eight evolutions of Eevee simultaneously, in order to increase by two levels all the statistics of Eevee except Accuracy and Dodge.

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