Pokémon GO - How to find your Pokémon without Pokevision?

With the update 0.31.0 of July 30, 2016, the Pokémon Go community was upset. Several changes have led players to change their habits, not without expressing their dissatisfaction. The most criticized novelty is, obviously, the disappearance of the number of steps and of the Pokevision application, which allowed us not to look for our monsters at random. But other, equally effective alternatives exist. We have listed a few for you.

Our solutions to replace Pokevision


This solution is offered to you by a flight comparator. This is the alternative that currently has the least chance of being removed by Niantic. Moreover, you will be able to use it without having to install an app. Indeed, you just have to open your internet browser to the right address to be able to take advantage of its features.
The good adress


It is the most efficient and functional alternative today. With an original interface, you can refine your searches thanks to a slew of various filters. The most interesting feature is still the one allowing you to receive notifications in real time when you get close to a Pokémon of interest. You will be able to see, as in Pokevision all the creatures present on the map and the duration of their presence. The application, although it is still in its Beta version is compatible with most Android devices.


This application will allow you to transform your smartphone into a real Pokédex itinerant. It is competing for the first place of our alternatives to Pokevision with Smart Poke V2. The customization capabilities are wide, so your research will turn out to be very precise. Original functionality, the application being connected to the Reddit community, you will be able to access the latter's news feed. Simple and easy to use, it shows a disconcerting speed of refreshment.

Pokemon GO Live Map

This application is undoubtedly the most practical alternative to Pokevision. Already, the application has the same functionality as the others. You will therefore be able to know the position of Pokémon in your area, their distance, their duration of appearance and to filter your search criteria as much as possible. Its particularity, however, is likely to position it as a leader in these applications. Indeed, you can use it without having to leave your Pokémon GO game session.. You will then be entitled to a floating browser that will not detract from your gaming experience.


Pokemesh is interesting in that it is a digest of all the features of the other alternatives to Pokevision. Indeed, you will be able to consult the map of your zone and of more distant zones, filter your searches, launch Pokémon GO directly from the application, receive notifications if an interesting Pokémon is near you and use the application in the form of 'a rather discreet floating bubble. However, this bias and this richness risk making its use less intuitive than for the other solutions proposed.


As its functionalities are fewer, it remains the simplest application to use. Indeed, scanning the card will only take a few seconds with this solution. You can also use some customization options, such as deciding to display only certain Pokémon, certain Pokéstop or defining the area covered by your radar. It therefore remains by far the most flexible solution.

Pokeweb GO

The database provided by the players lists a very large number of Pokémon, and besides locating the Pokémon, it places you pokéstops and arenas, which can be very interesting if you are planning a day of hunting, fighting or if you want to find a place for your lucky egg. The information displayed is therefore numerous but luckily, Pokéweb GO also has a very practical filtering system. The radar also integrates an IV and evolution calculator, practical for the most picky trainers. However, the duration of the presence of Pokémon is not displayed and the ergonomics of the site are somewhat austere but we will do without given the performance of Pokéweb GO. One of the only shortcomings of this radar is its only presence on the web and not on mobile.


The Pokecrew application like PokéwebGo is an application based on the donation of information from trainers but the database seems more extensive than on the previous radar, but the radar offers less information (no pokéstops or arenas). But each Pokémon benefits from a full page with filtering by Pokémon and an information page that is placed on the side with everything there is to know about the species in question. Pokecrew is available on the web, Android and on the AppStore.

PokéRadar Go

PokéRadar Go is a good radar indicating the appearance times of each Pokémon with beautiful icons, making the radar very readable, however, it does not display pokestops or arenas, which is detrimental for the seasoned trainer looking to strengthen himself. However, the readability of this radar makes it easy to use and being available on the web but also on Android and the App Store, this radar can find its audience. Even if abusive advertising on mobile applications seems to plague research.

For the more resourceful of you, we share this video with you, thanks to which you will be able to install your own version of Pokevision. And yes, Pokevision is not dead.

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