Pokémon Go Tips - Become the best trainer

Pokémon Go Tips - Become the best trainer


Pokémon Go Tips - Become the best trainer

Pokémon Go tips - Become the best trainer to start the adventure right

Download Pokémon Go

Pokemon GO is installed in French application stores, after long waiting times. Some believe that this delay was linked to the tragic events that affected Nice during the fireworks of July 14. Pokemon GO is now easily downloadable from either the Play Store or the App Store and will soon be available on the Apple Watch.

Pokémon Go Tips - Become the best trainer

Connect to Pokemon GO servers

Many people cursed the application because it did not want to launch. Nothing is more frustrating than traveling for miles to find that connecting to servers is impossible. There followed frantic updates and searches for culprits like the Americans who would connect at the same time and saturate the servers. However, there is a technique to maximize your chances of entering the Pokémon GO universe when all hope seems lost.

Pokémon Go Tips - Become the best trainer

You will need to start the application in Airplane mode without first deactivating your internet connection. Once on the loading screen turn off airplane mode and wait for a while. If that doesn't work, restart the application normally. This maneuver should optimize your chances of connecting, even if it is not 100% guaranteed. The ispokemongodownornot site will let you know, via an English interface, if your place is not experiencing server problems.

Start the game with Pikachu

When you start the game, Professor Willow (much less charismatic than the famous Professor Chen) will offer you to choose between the three famous Pokemon that some call starters: Charmander, Bulbasaur and Squirtle. With a simple manipulation, you can start the adventure with Pikachu. All you have to do is move away for a while from the three proposed monsters in order to make the electric mouse appear.

Pokémon Go Tips - Become the best trainer

Have Pikachu or Eevee on your avatar's shoulder

With the new Pok√©mon GO update, if your Pok√©mon Buddy is Pikachu ou Evoli, then you will be able to see it mount on the shoulder of your avatar. To make this sweet dream possible, you will then have to walk 10 kilometers, with one of the two Pok√©mon as Buddy Pok√©mon, and once this distance has been covered, your favorite Pok√©mon will be on the shoulder from your trainer.

Pokémon Go Tips - Become the best trainerPokémon Go Tips - Become the best trainer

Tips for catching Pokémon

How to find the Pokemon you're looking for

When you walk around the game map, you will notice the presence at the bottom right of a tab showing you nearby Pokémon. Niantic, in its update of July 30, 2016, removed the number of steps used to trace the desired Pokémon. The mechanism suffered from huge bugs and had been stuck on number three for a long time. Thus, you will have to move in a circular manner in a perimeter of about 70 meters in the hope of meeting the desired creatures.

This radar system has since been replaced by Niantic Labs. There are now two methods of detecting nearby Pokémon. The The first provides an overview of the Pokémon located near the various nearby PokéStops, while the second shows which Pokémon are lurking in the tall grass around.

Neither of these two radars shows all nearby Pokémon. If there is many nearby PokéStops, and lots of Pokémon at each of those PokéStops, the radar will only show one or two Pokémon from each stop. The same goes for Pokémon lurking nearby.

In theory, rare Pokémon are highlighted to prevent players from missing them. However, the PokéStops radar tends to take over the second. It is therefore best to avoid walking away when you see the silhouette of a rare Pokémon. Capture a few Pokémon from the PokéStop to make sure you leave room for other creatures on the radar.

Pokémon Go Tips - Become the best trainer

Find Pokémon with Pokevision

Many players condemn this practice, but they are the same who use it. We do not position ourselves as moral guides. Thus, for the sake of objectivity, we deliver this trick that will allow you to know where a Pok√©mon is, its exact location and the duration of its presence and can catch up on the trainers who pride themselves on having captured a large number of Pok√©mon. In addition, the three step bug, which is very penalizing, forces players to resort to other techniques. Let's say this is only fair. You can therefore download the Pokevision application on Android (not yet available on iOS) or simply go to the Pokouverte site and juggle your game and your web browser. Following the update of July 30, 2016, the Pokevision site and application are no longer available. However, other equally powerful sites have taken over such as Pok√©webGO or Pok√©Radar but we do not recommend using them on your smartphone, because Niantic might know this and therefore ban you from the game, which would be rather damaging.Pok√©mon Go Tips - Become the best trainer

Capture a lot of different Pokémon

Since the last updates of Pokémon GO, Niantic has decided to regularly change Pokémon spots in most major cities, to avoid crowds in the same place for too long a period. Thus, to capture different Pokémon, you will have to go around your city, and its surroundings to efficiently fill your Pokédex.

Pokémon Go Tips - Become the best trainer

Pokémon spots change quite often (between 3 weeks and a month), so you will need to keep yourself informed of the different developments, to become the best trainer in your area.

Give a topspin effect to your pokeballs

By rotating your finger around your pokeball, you can give it an effect when it is thrown. You'll know it worked when little sparks start to dance around your spherical cage. By performing this manipulation, you will get a slight bonus of XP. You will have to throw your pokeball in a corner of the screen trying to predict its trajectory. This maneuver may seem complicated to you at first, but do not give up. You will need to use about thirty pokeballs to get your hands on. Once mastered, this technique will give you a strange feeling of satisfaction with each capture. And don't forget: you have to throw your pokeball inside the colored circle. The smaller it is, the greater your chances of capture.

Pokémon Go Tips - Become the best trainer

Know the capture rate of each Pokémon and maximize your chances of capture

Our friends at GamePress have provided a really nice infographic that perfectly summarizes how catching Pokémon in the game works. As you can see below, the more powerful Pokémon will be the hardest to get, while the weaker ones (Magikarp in the lead) will be much easier to get. Important data, ALL Pokémon's catch rate will drop as you progress through the adventure.

Take the example of a Stari, if you are between levels 1 and 5 your capture rate will be 100%, but if you have reached level 30 you will only have a 27% chance of getting this Stari. In addition, the CP (Combat Points) of the Pokémon in question, also influence the capture rate., a Stari PC 50 will be much easier to capture than a Stari PC 400.

These statistics take into account the fact that you are only using classic pokeballs. You will therefore have to use several techniques to increase this percentage, whether it is by the use of Framby Berries, by the use of more efficient Balls (Super Ball, Hyper Ball), or by just aiming at the throw, to have the mention ‚ÄúExcellent‚ÄĚ, which offers an additional catch bonus .

Pokémon Go Tips - Become the best trainer

Find Pokémon nests near you

Most Pokémon have nests, namely places where one to four Pokémon of the same species appear regularly, and sometimes even every hour. Unfortunately, rare Pokémon like Dragonite, Snorlax or Lokhlass do not have a priori nests.

Nest migrations take place every two weeks on Thursdays at noon. The Pokémon occupying the nest are then replaced by another species. The species occupying the nest is determined completely at random. This system gives you time to capture a large number of Pokémon of the same species for two weeks between each migration. It is therefore very important to spot nests that you can visit regularly.

In some nests, there is only one species of Pokémon. In other nests, one can find several, often linked by the same elementary type. For example, Stari, Ramoloss, Psyduck, and Magikarp tend to spawn near the same waterholes.

Sometimes, evolved Pokémon can appear in a nest of stocking Pokémone. For example, a Staross will occasionally appear in a Stari nest. Likewise, if we deplore the absence of nests that Minidraco, it happens that this Pokémon appears within a Magikarp nest.

To spot nests near you, you can walk around, explore the surroundings, and try to find them on your own. If you want to save time, you can also consult the nest atlas on The Silph Road website.

Pokémon Go Tips - Become the best trainer

Collect medals to increase chances of capture

When you catch 10 Pokémon of the same type, you receive a Bronze Medal. By capturing 50 Pokémon of the same type, you get the silver medal. After 200 Pokémon of the same type, you will be awarded a gold medal. Each of these medals gives you a bonus that increases your chances of catching Pokémon of the same type. The bronze medal offers a bonus of 1,1x, silver medal 1,2x, and gold medal 1,3x.

Pokémon Go Tips - Become the best trainer

Collect capture bonuses

Capture bonuses can be stacked. For example, if you use a Framby Berry, then throw a Super Ball, at a Pokémon of a type for which you have the gold medal, and make a perfect throw, your chances of capture will be maximized.

here is list of capture bonuses you can benefit from :

Poké Ball : x1.
Poké Ball liftée : x1.7.
Super Ball liftée : x3.4.
Super Ball liftée + lots of Framby: x5.1.
Super Ball liftée + baie Framby + Excellent: x10.2.
Super Ball topspin + Framby berry + Excellent + gold medal: x13.26.

Pokémon Go Tips - Become the best trainer

Choose the evolution of your Eevee

The evolution of Leo's fetish Pokemon isn't all about luck. Indeed, to decide if your monster will evolve into Pyroli, Voltali or Aquali, you just need to change its name before proceeding with the transformation. A nod to the television series in which Sacha met Rainer, Pyro and Sparky. All three were in possession of one of these Pokemon. You will therefore have to name your Eevee in Rainer (rain) to obtain Aquali, in Pyro to obtain Pyroli and in Sparky (sparks) to obtain Voltali. Do not forget to relaunch the game to be sure that the change has been taken into account. However, this method only works for the first evolution, so choose your evolution carefully.

Pokémon Go Tips - Become the best trainer

How to get 2nd Generation Pokemon Babies

Since December 2016, Niantic Labs has been gradually deploying baby Pokémon of the second generation Pokémon Gold / Silver. These new Pokémon cannot be caught in the wild, but can be obtained by hatching eggs.

Thus, Mélo and Toudoudou can be obtained by hatching eggs 2Km. Pichu and Togepi are hiding in eggs 5Km. Finally, Magby, Lippouti and Elekid are in 10Km eggs. Note that it is possible to evolve Togepi into Togetic by using 50 Togepi candies! The other baby Pokémon can evolve as well, but their respective evolutions are already present in the first generation.

Pokémon Go Tips - Become the best trainer

How to prepare for the second generation of Pokémon?

After babies, Niantic Labs is set to roll out the rest of the Gold / Silver Generation Pokémon. Waiting, it is possible to prepare by accumulating many candies to be sure to be able to evolve your Pokémon directly during the implementation of their evolutions. Remember to save enough candy to make multiple evolution attempts in order to get the best fighting skills for your Evolved Pokémon.

In theory, here is the number of candies you should need to proceed with the evolution :
100 Noserapti candies for Nostenfer
100 Mystherbe candies for Joliflor
100 Ptitarte candies for Tarpaud
25 Eevee sweets for Mentali
25 Evoli candies for Noctali
50 Ramoloss candies for Roigada
50 Onix candies for Steelix
50 Insecorator candies for Cizayox
100 Hypotrempe or Hypocéan candies for Hyporoi
50 Porygon for Porygon 2
50 Leveinard for Leuphoria

Pokémon Go Tips - Become the best trainer

How to catch Shiny Pokémon?

Pokémon Go Tips - Become the best trainer

Following the launch of the water festival, of Pokémon Go players just met Shiny Pokémon for the first time. For now, only Magikarp and Leviator are available in Shiny version. Here's how to capture them.

As a reminder, Shiny Pokémon are Pokémon with a different color. In Pokémon Go, Shiny Pokémon appear normal until the player captures them. By capturing the Shiny Pokémon, the player will be able to receive new badges.

Pokémon Go tips - Become the best trainer to save time

Get free Poképieces

Poképieces are the currency of the game. Of course, you will have to spend real money in order to obtain it and to be able to obtain useful items such as lucky eggs or decoys. There is nevertheless a way, admittedly long, but effective to fill your virtual wallet. You will need to place as many Pokemon as possible in the arenas. In the shop tab, a shield will appear, and you can collect 10 Poképièces per Pokémon guarding an arena. Now you understand the value of conquering an arena and having the most powerful Pokemon.

Pokémon Go Tips - Become the best trainer

Speed ‚Äč‚Äčup the hatching of your eggs

During your adventure, you will collect several eggs, 2, 5 and 10. This data indicates the number of kilometers that you will have to travel to be able to hatch your egg. As in the original adventure, you can travel by bicycle to speed up the process. Some use public transport, but the latter being independent of their control and taking a path designated in advance, they miss several elements, not to mention the refresh rate of the game which prevents efficient navigation. The best option remains the bus which is subject to traffic unlike the tram. You will be able to see the number of kilometers driven increase alarmingly with this method.

Pokémon Go Tips - Become the best trainer

Gain experience quickly

It is difficult to gain experience and therefore levels effectively when you encounter Rattata, Roucool or Piafabec most of the time. However, you will be able to optimize the gain of experience, thanks to an object available fairly quickly in the game: Lucky eggs. This item will allow you to double the experience received for 30 minutes. So use these eggs sparingly to quickly level up. We advise you to use it when several decoys are active, while activating an incense, in order to double all the experience accumulated during the capture of Pokemon. If you have some Pok√©mon awaiting evolution, we advise you to use a lucky egg in order to maximize the gain of XP relating to the discovery of a new species of Pokemon.

Also plan to use your lucky egg, when your Pok√©mon eggs are about to hatch, because the hatching of an egg is what brings the most in terms of XP with the evolutions and the discoveries of new species. If you combine these tips, then your lucky egg will be perfectly profitable and you will gain several levels.

If you live in an area where the only Pokémon you encounter are Ratata and Roucool, don't panic, you can level up really quickly. In the same way as before, you will have to use a Lucky Egg but this time at the appropriate time, when you have a certain number of Ratata and Roucool. To do this, it is essential to keep all the Ratata or Roucool that you will see, the goal is to catch as many as possible and when you have 60, you will need (take the example of Roucool) 720 Roucool candies for evolve them, and it will take exactly as long as the lucky egg works (ie 30 minutes). If you have 60 Roucool, then you can earn with this method, more than 60 XP, enough to go up a few levels.

But be careful, only the first evolution counts, you don't need to evolve Roucoups into Roucarnage because you will waste time and candy for the other evolutions. For those, who wish to calculate as well as possible their potential XP to gain, here is a site which will let you know how much XP you can gain, according to the number of Pok√©mon you have and corresponding candies.

Pokémon Go Tips - Become the best trainer

Earn more stardust and candy

Stardust is a crucial element in your adventure. Indeed, it is thanks to it that you will be able to increase the power of your Pokemon. Unfortunately, you gain very little during each capture and you will have to capture several dozen Roucool before you have a satisfactory quantity. There is another way, not well known, to get more. For that, you will have to defend a maximum of arenas. Arenas aren't here for the sun and will allow you to earn Poképoins and other items essential to your quest.

Sweets allow you to increase the strength of your creatures and make them evolve. Several ways are available to you to recover it. The first and the best known is simply to catch a Pokemon. A Rattata will give you 3 Rattata candies for each capture. Indeed, a candy can only be used with the Pokemon whose name it bears. It would be too easy otherwise. You can also get larger amounts of candy by hatching eggs. At last, you will be able to exchange the Pokemon that you have in duplicate for a candy by selecting the option "Transfer" available at the bottom of the chosen monster poster.

Pokémon Go Tips - Become the best trainer

Pokémon Go tips - Become the best trainer to improve the performance of the Pokémon Go application

Preserve your battery life

We are noticing more and more people walking around with a portable charger. If your internet plan drains slowly, your battery does not. There are therefore some tips that will allow you to be able to play for longer, without being afraid that your phone will turn off at the worst time. In the game options, uncheck the music and sound effects that are incidental in this game, while making sure to activate the "battery saver" setting. Remember to reactivate it often because sometimes, the option is automatically unchecked. You can also activate the energy saving option on your phone and download the map of the town where you are hunting in order to save 4G as well.

Pokémon Go Tips - Become the best trainer

Remove the augmented reality option

Some players have complained about the inaccuracy of augmented reality in Pokemon GO. Indeed, it is hard to keep the Pokemon in place and deal with the tremors at the same time. In addition, some smartphones are not equipped with a gyro system, which makes the game unplayable. However, it is possible to deactivate this option in order to be able to capture your Pokemon in peace.. This is done during a capture or before an arena fight. Note also that disabling this option will save your battery even more.

However, the augmented reality feature can come in very handy as well. For example, to catch flying Pokémon that tend to stray away, activating AR will reduce the distance and maximize the chances of capture.

Pokémon Go Tips - Become the best trainer

Above all, don't capture Tadmorv

Tadmorv is that slimy, purplish Pokémon that fans of the series are familiar with. A Reddit user by the name of Rodizmo announced that his game was experiencing bugs following the capture of this Pokémon. His game crashed when he went to the sheet of his newly captured monster. Tadmorv also seems to infect nearby Pokémon cards, even in the Pokédex. Did Niantic decide to wink at the type of this Pokémon? For now, the company seems to ignore this problem. So be careful if you want to capture it.

Pokémon Go Tips - Become the best trainer

Keep up to date with the latest game information

Keeping up to date with the latest information on the game can be difficult, especially since Niantic communicates relatively little about the development of the game., if not to announce updates. Pokémon GO is also a game that plays differently depending on where you are, it can get annoying if you are not aware of the new Pokémon spots that are located near you.

Pokémon Go Tips - Become the best trainer

To remedy this, you need to locate, and subscribe to the game's local networks. Don't forget that Pokémon GO is a community game with a player base located all over France and around the world. This community is both very available and very responsive.

Pokémon Go Tips - Become the best trainer

Signing up to pages like Pokémon GO France or Pokémon GO Paris (if you are in Paris) which are available on Facebook will allow you, among other things:

  • To better know the Pok√©mon spots of the place where you are
  • To have answers to certain questions
  • To be aware of certain special events organized by the community.

Pokémon Go Tips - Become the best trainer

Some pages are even accessible only to members of a certain team (blue, red or yellow). Facebook is one of the most famous meeting places, but others are also very interesting, like the chat network Discord (application available on smartphone), or the forums of sites specializing in Pokémon news. All these networks can also help you develop your knowledge of the game. Do not neglect these networks which can give a boost to your Pokémon hunts.

Pokémon Go Generation 2 tips

The Debutant trick

Pokémon Go Tips - Become the best trainer

In the second generation of Pokémon, Kicklee and Tygnon have a common pre-evolution dubbed Debugant. Fact, Kicklee and Tygnon candies are now Debugant candies, and can be used to evolve a Debugant into Kicklee or Tygnon.

We do not yet know how to choose the evolution of Debugant for sure, but several theories are circulating on this subject. Many believe that Pokémon Go pays homage to the Gold and Silver versions of Pokémon. So, Debugant would evolve into Kicklee when his highest stat is offense. He would evolve into Tygnon when his defense is higher. Finally, he would transform into Kapoera when his HP is higher.

Evolution objects

Pokémon Go Tips - Become the best trainer

- evolution objects, introduced with the second generation of Pokémon, allow to obtain new evolutions. They can be obtained from PokéStops.

Sunstone: Transform Ortide into Rafflesia, Tournegrain into Heliatron.
Roche royale: Transforms Têtarte into Tartard, Flagadoss into Roigada
Metal Skin: Transform Onix into Steelix, Insecorator into Cizayox
Draco Scale: Transforms Hypocean into Hyporoi
Enhancer: Transforms Porygon into Porygon 2

With these few tips, you will be able to significantly improve your playing experience and gain a definite advantage over other trainers. If you know of other tips that are missing from this article, do not hesitate to share them with us in the comments, for us and the entire community of Pokemon GO players.

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