PSVR 2 - All the new features of PlayStation VR 2017

PSVR 2 - All the new features of PlayStation VR 2017


Launched in October 2016, the PlayStation VR is the best-selling virtual reality headset today with more than a million units sold in less than a year. A real commercial success, the device owes this success not only to the large number of PS4s in circulation, but also to a catalog of exclusive games of very good quality such as Resident Evil 7 or Skyrim VR.

A year after the launch of its headset, Sony recently introduced the PSVR 2, or more precisely the PSVR CUH-ZVR2. It is not really a new headset per se, but a new version of the device. This second iteration brings several changes that aim to correct the main weak points of the original model. These minor novelties are appreciable, and the PSVR 2 is already enjoying great commercial success. These are all the changes made by the PlayStation VR CUH-ZVR2.

PSVR 2: change of buttons

PSVR 2 - All the new features of PlayStation VR 2017

The first big change brought by this new PSVR is the layout of Power button, microphone control button and volume control buttons. On the first version, these buttons were placed on the cable of the PSVR. Now, they are located directly under the VR headset, making them easier to access. The microphone control and volume adjustment buttons are aligned within a single compartment.

Le button to adjust the tightening level of the helmet, meanwhile, is now located at the top right of the helmet. It is now more raised, which makes it possible to locate it better even with the helmet on the eyes. Thus, the user will be able to adjust the device with greater ease without having to remove his helmet and interrupt his game.

PSVR 2: the new headphones

PSVR 2 - All the new features of PlayStation VR 2017

Another big change the PSVR 2 brings is the way the headphones connect to the headphones. The new headphones, supplied with the PSVR 2, connect directly under the headphones via a 3,5mm jack socket located under the plastic bar.

The headphones supplied with the headset are matched to the device, and designed for optimal ergonomics. This new design prevents headphones from dragging on the floor when not in use, which was one of the main problems with the first PSVR.

Moreover, of small spaces provided for this purpose allow the earphones to be stored on the sides of the helmet when the device is not in use. In addition, thanks to their placement under the virtual reality headset, the headphones no longer run the risk of tangling or disturbing the player during use. Finally, the black and white color has been replaced by a brilliant black for the most beautiful effect.

Still regarding the design changes of the PSVR 2, the discerning eye will notice that the small plastic hoop of the first PSVR has simply disappeared from the stabilizer bar. It has been replaced with a piece of plastic that will no longer pick up as much dust. This new model therefore provides a valuable gain in hygiene at all levels, and will require less maintenance from users.

PSVR 2: processor box changes

PSVR 2 - All the new features of PlayStation VR 2017

Le third and last notable change to the PSVR 2 concerns the processor casing. This case is still the same size and dimensions as that of the first PSVR, but its design has undergone slight tweaks, and it now supports HDR, which will save players a lot of effort.

On the original model, it was necessary to unplug the box to enjoy PS4 games in HDR quality. Now there is no need to resort to this tedious process. The users will be able to play PS4 games in HDR without needing to unplug the case. This novelty does not change anything for virtual reality, but it makes all the difference for general use of the PlayStation 4.

For the rest, the processor box always has two ports dedicated to HDMI cables, as well as four ports for the rest of the cables on the back. The PlayStation logo is now located above and below the case, while the Sony logo is on the front. PlayStation's iconic triangle, square, circle and cross icons are located on the front and top of the case.

All of this icons are also located under the case, and protrude slightly to serve as a support. Overall, the design of the new case is much more polished and modern. Unfortunately, this new improved box is not compatible with the PSVR CUH-ZVR1, as the cables have also been changed. It will therefore be necessary to buy back a PSVR to take advantage of this change.

You will understand, the changes made by the PSVR 2 are light, but improve the experience offered by the Sony VR headset by offering better ergonomics, more intuitive use and improved comfort. Likewise, the design of this new iteration is thought to prevent the helmet from collecting dust and therefore emphasizes hygiene.

However, we hope that a real evolution of the PSVR will be marketed soon, offering a better tracking system, an improved screen definition, and motion detection controllers more successful than the PlayStation Move. Unfortunately, it will probably be necessary to wait a few more years, especially as the current PSVR is selling very well.

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