PSVR 2: for Resident Evil dev, comfort comes before performance

PSVR 2: for Resident Evil dev, comfort comes before performance


With the future PlayStation 5, expected for 2020, Sony should also launch the PlayStation VR 2. This new headset will offer a large number of new technologies, and should therefore offer a clear increase in performance. However, for Jun Takeuchi, director of Consumer Games Development Division 1 at Capcom, the most important is not the improvement of the technical sheet.

Interviewed by the Japanese magazine Weekly Famitsu, Takeuchi explains that he is more concerned with the comfort and ergonomics offered by the PSVR 2. According to him, while this new headset will certainly offer a smoother and more detailed display, it is essential that it also delivers a more pleasant experience for the user ...

Although the PSVR is more comfortable to wear than most other VR headsets, it must be recognized that the experience is not always the most pleasant. The device has an unfortunate tendency to cause nausea, and its tracking system based on a single camera considerably restricts the playing space. In addition, the wiring system of the PlayStation VR is a real one. We can therefore indeed hope that the PSVR 2 improves these various points, for example by offering a tracking system without an external sensor and wireless operation.

PSVR 2: to other VR ports of Resident Evil?

As a reminder, Takeuchi is notably the producer of the Resident Evil saga, the seventh opus of which was fully adapted in VR in 2017. Two years later, RE7 VR remains one of the best games of the PSVR. On the other hand, The excellent Resident Evil 2 remake released in 2019 on PS4 has not been the subject of such an adaptation.

We can conclude that Capcom found the PSVR not comfortable enough so that such a port meets the expectations of players and the requirements of developers. So let's hope that the PSVR 2 offers better ergonomics, in order to attract Capcom and other AAA game developers again…

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