Ready Player Two: the sequel to the novel in bookstores for the end of the year


  • Ready Player Two: cinema after the novel?

Ready Player One, the sci-fi novel centered around virtual reality and adapted for the cinema by Steven Spielberg, will have a sequel dubbed Ready Player Two which is scheduled for release in November 2020.

Like the first, we find the American Ernest Cline writing this highly anticipated second installment. Released in 2011, Ready Player One told a both ecological and human fable where the lack of resources forces a large majority of the population to remain cloistered inside. To escape this life of misery, the inhabitants of this dystopian universe flock to virtual reality, a bit like a drug.

While we have just come out of an interminable confinement, this story seems particularly relevant. Nevertheless, we should not expect to find a global pandemic in the next Ready Player Two. It is that Ernest Cline has been working on the book for several years.

You can already admire the minimalist cover of the book:

On the other hand, the writer immediately warns that this sequel will be directly linked to the novel and not to Spielberg's adaptation. In order to savor each chapter of the next volume, fans of the film will therefore have to start reading the first part now.

Ready Player Two: cinema after the novel?

Released in theaters in 2018, the film from Ready Player One had some success, garnering no less than $ 580 million at the box office. A success driven in part by a rather realistic (if very optimistic) vision of the technical possibilities of VR. By the way, we were treated to inspired VR games.

All this to say that a film adaptation of the second book is more than likely. All the more so when we know that China contributed a lot to the revenues of the first film. With the virtual reality market booming in this country, a sequel could explode the box office.

If you are a fan of the novel or the movie, feel free to share your theories with us on what could happen in Ready Player Two. Otherwise, go in bookstores on November 24, 2020 for the release of the book.

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