REXR wants to turn all your games into virtual reality


  • REXR relies on a basic offer

What if any game could become accessible with virtual reality? This is the promise of REXR, the technology imagined by an Estonian start-up and available in preview in France.

With this technology, your classic PC video games are now portable in virtual reality without the need for a high-end headset or advanced computer. Here is how it is possible

REXR relies on a basic offer

REXR is broken down into two parts. First of all an application installed on PC and mobile. Then, a virtual reality headset for a smartphone. Communication between the two devices goes through Wi-Fi, but only locally. The Estonian company has decided to bet on France to launch this product. According to the first tests, the result is quite satisfactory and does not suffer from lag. On the smartphone side, you will need a device that can run Android 8.0 and at least 1.080p in display quality. We recommend 2K or 4K if you still want to enjoy it.

Concretely, according to REXR, if your game works on your PC, it can also run in virtual reality. However, it should be noted that VR headsets for smartphones do not offer optimal quality either or even that comes close to RIFT or Quest. Above all, turning classic games into VR doesn't work in all cases. Red Dead Redemption II is, for example, unplayable, due to the lack of access to the HUD, indicators or game subtitles. On the price side, you still have to count 1 month at 14 euros and an annual offer at 144 euros. In short, a small investment. It is up to you to have all the equipment, the company only offers its software.

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