Roto VR's rotating seat close to commercialization

Roto VR's rotating seat close to commercialization


Roto VR first experienced a failure in 2015 with a crowdfunding campaign that never came to fruition. Fortunately, its founders did not give up and have expected more favorable times to renew their efforts. Indeed, at that time, virtual reality for the general public was only in its infancy, and reserved for a fringe of enthusiasts. Today, the situation is quite different. VR is booming, the biggest groups have joined the fight. According to figures communicated by Steam, 1% of users of the platform have a headset, which is equivalent to over a million people.

This is why Roto VR's second fundraising campaign went so much better. Especially since their concept is interesting and could attract even more people to the world of virtual reality. Indeed, this rotating seat should drastically reduce nausea caused by motion sickness. This element, which can become very disturbing, is one of the main obstacles to an even faster democratization of VR. The seat also brings a force feedback system for an even stronger feeling of immersion.

A solution that tackles the real and the virtual

Thus, investors justify their choice by evoking the multiple situations in which this head office can be used. Besides its beneficial aspects to attract undecided to VR, it could perfectly well have its place in game rooms, attractions, cinemas, just like at home. With the company in good hands, they have confidence in this project, which should fit well in this rapidly growing market.

Roto VR plans to launch its headquarters, of the same name, for individuals and businesses very soon. The first offer will start at $ 1 and will include the seat. Note that it is compatible with most helmets on the market.

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