Samsung Gear VR: the 5 best games compatible with a controller

Samsung Gear VR: the 5 best games compatible with a controller


The Samsung Gear VR virtual reality headset is designed for stand-alone use. But for some experiences, we appreciate having a very classic controller. Check out the five best games available! 


If you are still waiting for a good Harry Potter fighting game, you may well find an interesting alternative with Wands. This is a fighting game where you face other players in the arena with your best spells. Although Avada Kedvara is not available, you will definitely appreciate the controller when casting your spell. It should even allow you to gain the advantage once you have the concept in hand.


Is it still necessary to present the game Minecraft? This video game experience that has won over many PC players, proves to be a real success on the Samsung Gear VR. To play it, you don't even have a choice, the use of the controller is essential, the experience would be really too complicated or even unplayable otherwise. So start the game and build the most amazing places that come to mind! You will then have the pleasure of visiting them thanks to virtual reality.

Drop dead

Zombie games fanatics? Then Drop Dead is arguably the game you should buy on the Samsung Gear VR. The controller in hand, you will have to cross real hordes of zombies to reach the end of each level. Of course, she won't be your only weapon. It is above all the embodiment of pistols, rifles, experimental weapons or very simple grenades which will be your best way to survive the hell that awaits you.

Smashing the battle

Visually this game should surprise you. It blends nostalgia and modern wonderfully. You will sometimes have the impression of being on an old 2D arcade machine but with the sensations of virtual reality. You will even find classic power-ups and end-of-level bosses gameplay. But if you want to be able to get to the end without making your helmet fly through the air with your movements, we clearly recommend that you use a controller. Your movements will also be greatly simplified and will allow you to really benefit from this experience.

Herobound Gladiators

Finally, we end our selection with a little game with an almost childish look. Herobound Gladiators offers you an experience very close to that of an RPG. From the sky you will watch your character move, kill enemies and progress through the story. Playable solo or multiplayer, the controller greatly improves your gaming experience.

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