Samsung Gear VR - Top Best Games & Apps

Samsung Gear VR - Top Best Games & Apps

Of the many mobile VR headsets available in the market, the Samsung Gear VR is hands down the most impressive. Its design, comfort, visual quality are clearly above other mobile virtual reality headsets. However, the main quality of this device is its catalog of exclusive applications and games full of nuggets.

Indeed, rather than being satisfied with the games available on the Android Play Store, Gear VR users can access The Oculus Store Gear VR bringing together only content carefully selected by Samsung. Here are the top best Samsung Gear VR games and apps.

Top best Samsung Gear VR games

Star Wars Droid Repair Bay

This official Star Wars little game accompanies the release of the movie The Last Jedi, released in theaters in December 2017. The player plays a technician responsible for repairing droids. He will be responsible for patching up the little BB-8 and other robots to allow them to resume the fight against the First Order. The concept may seem sketchy, but the quality of the workmanship of this experience makes it a must-have for Gear VR users and Star Wars fans. Moreover, this application is free, so why not?

Augmented Empire

Available exclusively on Gear VR, this game developed by Coatsink in partnership with Oculus Studios is a pure masterpiece. The title takes place in a futuristic and counter-utopian cyberpunk universe. The player takes on the role of various rebel characters and progresses through a gripping storyline, triumphing over ever tougher enemies in gripping turn-based tactical combat. Complex gameplay, sumptuous graphics, a magnificent soundtrack and quality voices from actors like Kate Mulgrew and Nick Frost, what are the people asking for? Augmented Empires guarantees 10 hours of fun.

Face your Fears

Lovers of big thrills, Face your Fears is the app for you. This game offers you to face all your fears through short experiences featuring the various most common phobias. Fear of emptiness, ghost in the closet, enraged crows… get ready to jump. In addition, thanks to a partnership with Netflix, Face your Fears has recently offered content from the famous hit series Stranger Things. A free game to download immediately.

Blade Runner 2049 Memory Lab

From the film Blade Runner 2049, this very brief game offers you to revisit the memory of an execution to change the event. The spirit of the franchise created by Ridley Scott is respected, and fans will be in heaven. Flying over the city in a flying car in the rain, chatting with a replicant, these are some of the joys that await you in this experience. The experience is free, and allows you to contemplate the unique aesthetic of Blade Runner from the inside on Samsung Gear VR.

Samsung Gear VR Smash Hit VR

Already available in mobile version, was entitled to its adaptation in virtual reality. The goal of the game is no different from the initial version: explode the windows in front of you with metal balls. In addition to the simplistic principle of the game, draws its strength by addictive gameplay and sophisticated graphics. combined with the Samsung Gear VR offers a more relaxing point of view and you will be surprised at the time spent methodically destroying these pieces of glass. This 3D version is currently free, however the co-founders of studio Mediocre, happy to contribute to the expansion of virtual reality, have not yet decided on the marketing strategy to adopt for their game.

Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes

The indie game has already done a lot of talk about it when it was released and it makes sense to find it in this top 15 best Samsung Gear VR apps.  gets you stuck in a room, face to face with a time bomb. Your friend has the documents to defuse the explosive. Your role is to give him as much information as possible to help you get out of this dangerous situation. Mixing fun, stress and complicity, is a game to absolutely test!

Dead Secret

is not the kind of app to test in a public place. This psychological thriller puts you in the shoes of a reporter investigating the murder of Harris Bullard, a former teacher. No suspect in this case, but the mysterious circumstances of the crime force you to invest the house of the deceased to put the pieces of the puzzle together. A stressful game where you have to find the killer before he finds you. owes its success to its comfortable gameplay and immersive graphics accompanied by some jumpscared. Travel management is controlled thus avoiding the “motion sickness” effect for the user.

House of Languages

Developed by Maxime Miheyenko, is an application using the cartoon universe to easily learn languages. In order to help the learning of English, German or Spanish, the user is accompanied by Mr Whoo, the virtual teacher. Each object visualized in the virtual world is named in different languages ​​by our furry teacher. The phone's microphone also allows you to work on the pronunciation of the names of objects. is a didactic game focused on learning. All the words learned in the game are commonly used in the countries concerned. An effective way to learn languages ​​while having fun.

Land's End

Land's End is a very immersive and innovative virtual reality game. Developed by the Ustwo studio known for its geometric games, the English group offers a relaxing experience with the Samsung Gear VR where you have to solve puzzles through 5 chapters. Land's End highlights the head movement mechanics of the helmet in an enigmatic universe. The puzzles to be solved are not neither too complicated nor too easy in order to make you have a good time. However, the longevity of the game may leave you hungry for more (1 hour of play), we hope that Ustwo will offer us additional chapters.

EVE Gunjack

Developed by CCP games, creators of the popular virtual reality game,, formerly known as, is a very successful space shooting arcade game. Largely inspired by the universe of its predecessor, the graphics are also present. At the controls of the automatic turret of your ship, you are invited to eliminate any enemy appearing in your field of vision. Easy to learn with intuitive controls, offer you a good and long playing experience through multiple missions and bonus levels.

Social eye

In the funny and weird kind, hit real high while pretending an “online” cinema in virtual reality. The particularity of this application lies in its very childish universe. You play as a 3D head of a cartoon character and you have the possibility of watching films on Viadeo in the company of other people while chatting via the microphone of your smartphone. is currently in beta. It includes many avatars and the ability to see the content broadcast in each room. It also incorporates the game, a Trivial Poursuit, allowing you to play with your friends.

The Night Cafe

Art also has its place in the list of the 15 best Samsung Gear VR apps. is a virtual reality adaptation of Vincent Van Gogh's oil painting. Enhance animation, you can browse the artist's work entirely reconstructed in 3D. The original painting was made during a period of solitude for the artist, your Samsung Gear VR allows you to enter the universe marking his state of mind at that time. Immersion is present and justifies its presence in this top of the best Samsung Gear VR applications.


is a must-see Samsung Gear VR app. This psychological thriller produced by the creators of You puts in the shoes of a mother in search of her mysteriously missing child. Taking advantage of virtual reality by interacting with the various dialogues, you do not however impact the story although you are involved in the resolution of the investigation. This 2 hour series divided into 10 minute episodes is exclusive to Samsung Gear VR and is an experience not to be missed for any fan of series and / or virtual reality.

Minecraft Gear VR

The famous adventure and construction game sees its universe adapted to virtual reality for our greatest pleasure. , developed by Markus Persson alias Notch, sees its porting on smartphone benefiting from the performance of the Samsung Gear VR. Immerse yourself in the cubic world of Minecraft where your explorations and fights will be most immersive. Minecraft Gear VR takes all the features of its mobile version “Minecraft Pocket Edition”, including the famous multiplayer mode. A globally successful game that is absolutely relevant in this selection of the best Samsung Gear VR apps.


Most VR experiences are short, but the best ones continue long after you finish them because they leave a lasting impression on you. This is the case with Colosse, a captivating visual experience with a cartoonish air. While passive, this experience is still worth the detour. The app tells you the story of a fisherman and a giant. We won't tell you more and give you the opportunity to savor this experience.

Arcade eye

Paradoxically, the new technology of virtual reality allows you to play arcade game classics. The nostalgic will find their account there. You can try your hand at twenty games like Pac-Man, Sonic the Hedgehog or Galaga during 20-minute sessions. You will be able to extend the experience with a small financial contribution. It will be better to bring a controller to be able to fully enjoy the experience. The plurality of games offered gives this application its legitimacy in this selection of the best Samsung Gear VR applications.


Virtual reality technology is inherently immersive. You imagine that one genre is quite suited to this technology: horror. This first-person experience plunges you into a spooky dungeon where you'll scramble forward, dreading what you might come across behind every door. Some will see this game as a form of torture, others who like to scare themselves will love this app. One thing is certain, this experience will not leave anyone indifferent.

Suicide Squad: Special Mission

This game builds on the recently released DC movie. You will take turns playing Deadshot, Harley Quinn and El Diablo. It will be about surviving the successive waves of enemies who will attack you. The gameplay is intuitive, as the headset controls are well used. Also, each of the characters fighting differently, it will be hard for you to get bored. Probably the most successful shooter on the platform, which more than deserves its place in this list of the best Samsung Gear VR apps.

Drop dead

Drop dead is quite a fun and addicting game. You are immersed in a universe filled with zombies who, for some unknown reason, want your life. Thanks to your gaze and the side touchpad of your Samsung Gear VR, you will be able to respond to multiple assaults. Even if the game is not very original in its design or its playability, we must admit that it is immersive, graphically interesting and provided with a consequent replayability. Even if the story is very simplistic, we will come back to it several times to massacre hordes of zombies.

Top best Samsung Gear VR apps

Paint VR

Paint VR offers the user to paint freely within a 360 degree environment using a virtual brush. Rather than being limited to a simple canvas, the user can paint in the air using the Gear VR's motion-sensing controller. The only limits are the imagination and creativity of the user. It is actually possible to create masterpieces using this application. The possibilities are more limited than with Google Tilt Brush or other similar applications, but the price is significantly lower.


Within is an application that offers a lot of 360 video content. Its high quality content makes it a model in terms of video rendering. You will be able to find the video clips of Muse or U2, to benefit from some reports carried out by the New York Times. This application has made it possible to establish certain standards regarding expectations relating to 360 video. Best of all, all of its content is free. When it comes to video, this is one of the best Samsung Gear VR apps.

Flickr VR

Many Samsung Gear VR apps offer the user to view 360 videos, but few offer the user to view 360 degree photoss. Flickr VR is one of them. More qualitative because immobile, the quality of 360-degree photographic experiences should not be underestimated. Within the application, you will be able to travel around the world through different panoramas that will be up to you to enjoy. 


In this application, you can view 2D content on a large screen, quietly seated in a luxurious lounge with a subdued atmosphere. The Netflix content is present in its entirety and you will take great pleasure in finally having the feeling of having a nice Home Cinema at home.

Samsung Internet

Samsung Gear VR - Top Best Games & Apps

Samsung Internet is neither more nor less than the browser integrated into the Oculus Home app. You can browse your favorite sites in your virtual reality headset. This browser has the same functions as a standard browser or almost, and even allows you to be able to access all the videos you have watched in one click. Intuitive, your gaze will act as a mouse and you just have to click on the various elements to navigate as if you were on your usual browser. In addition, the history management is interesting, so that you can review all the videos you have already viewed with a click.

Samsung Gallery

Samsung Gear VR - Top Best Games & Apps

Samsung Gallery will allow you to view media files stored on your mobile devicee. Thus, you will be able to see on a giant screen all the images and videos that you have downloaded or saved. In addition, it allows you to easily view 360 videos provided you have previously transferred them to your smartphone. Simpler than Oculus Video, it will not disorient Android users who will probably have less trouble playing their 360 videos.

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