Samsung is not giving up on its augmented reality glasses project


  • A standard design for Samsung AR glasses

The South Korean company, Samsung, has still not let go of its innovative project. Almost an obligation now while many major players continue to position themselves on augmented reality glasses.

Augmented reality continues to fascinate the general public and businesses. The failure of Google Glass a few years ago did not deter anyone. A patent recently filed by the Korean company provides further confirmation.

A standard design for Samsung AR glasses

If we believe this patent which was spotted by the Patently Apple site, the brand specializing in smartphones does not necessarily want to innovate on the design side. We are on a rather classic visual. These would be glasses with artificial intelligence, which would be foldable, so that you could potentially store them in your loved one easily. On the temple, there is a small projector capable of broadcasting images in front of your eye. For the moment, Samsung does not seem to give much information on the type of information that could be displayed at this level.

In bulk, notifications for your smartphone, exchanges on Messenger or other messaging application and navigation services. Among the elements indicated, we find in particular an ARM processor, a camera or sensors of all kinds. Of course, there is no guarantee that this model will see the light of day on Samsung's side. However, the company will undoubtedly have to launch at one time or another as competitors like Apple or Huawei take a strong stance on the subject.

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