Samsung's free virtual reality park returns to Paris in December


  • Samsung Virtual Reality Park features 9 exclusive attractions
  • Dynamic experiences for thrill seekers
    • Grand 7
    • Rapid River
    • XTrem Bike
    • Ski jump
    • Surf Ride
  • Fully immersive 360-degree experiences
    • Zombies Asylum
    • World Tour
    • Ocean rift
    • Zen Zone
  • A totally free virtual reality park!

The “Sansung Life Changer” virtual reality park had already appeared last June on the forecourt of the François Mitterrand library in Paris. Samsung is offering us a new opportunity to test the potential of virtual reality with its Gear VR headset this month at the Grand Palais des Glaces in Paris. The Korean group returns this time with a few new features compared to June, including many dynamic experiences that will quickly boost your adrenaline levels.

Samsung Virtual Reality Park features 9 exclusive attractions

The Samsung park, which is set up provisionally from December 16 to January 2 at the Grand Palais des Glaces in Paris, will offer 9 exclusive virtual reality experiences. Some attractions were already present in June, but new ones have appeared to the delight of those who had the chance to participate in the first edition.

Dynamic experiences for thrill seekers

Samsung Free Virtual Reality Park offers different dynamic VR experiences. Not only will you live the 360 ​​degree experience but in addition, you will experience the sensations in a much more intense way by feeling the movements and the vibrations. A brief overview of the emotions that await you.

Grand 7

A thrilling experience! Sitting on a dynamic chair that transcribes all movements and vibrations, you can experience a roller coaster in total immersion and in complete safety. For those who have a strong heart!

Rapid River

You will board a dynamic kayak to descend rapids at full speed and jump a waterfall, shaken in all directions by the tumultuous waves. A particularly refreshing experience!

XTrem Bike

Climb on a dynamic ATV and hurtle down the sides of a mountain at breakneck speed. The bike on which you will be perched will reproduce all the jolts of the terrain. Put on your helmet and watch out for pitfalls!

Ski jump

Put on a pair of dynamic skis and feel the thrills of ski jumping. A unique experience to experience a ski jump in the shoes of the best experts. A planing experience full of adrenaline!

Surf Ride

Jump on a dynamic surfboard and go face the mythical Teahupoo wave, well known to the best surfers and which is located in Polynesia. Test your balance in a particularly fun experience!

Fully immersive 360-degree experiences

The Samsung virtual reality park also offers particularly immersive 360-degree videos that will make you experience emotions as varied as they are intense.

Zombies Asylum

You find yourself locked in a cell of a dismal psychiatric hospital overrun with zombies ... Push them back and try to get out of there before serving as lunch for the zombies. A terrifying experience!

World Tour

Discover the most beautiful landscapes that our planet can offer. A discovery that is not so soothing because it is very rich in diverse and varied sensations. An intensely exotic experience!

Ocean rift

A dive in the middle of the marine reefs to discover the beauties of the underwater life. with exuberant flora and fauna. An experience that will give you the intoxication of the depths!

Zen Zone

Finally, a totally relaxing experience that will allow you to recover from your previous emotions. You will be able to contemplate magnificent landscapes which will plunge you into a zen state. An almost meditative experience!

A totally free virtual reality park!

The virtual reality park offered by Samsung is aptly named because it is a real amusement park dedicated to virtual reality. Crowds and queues in front of the stands are to be expected. Samsung is offering all of these experiences for free. Note, however, that in order to enter the park, you must be registered.

Reserving your entry is therefore compulsory, but the ticket office is not yet open. You will soon be able to register to reserve your entry on the Samsung page dedicated to the virtual reality park here.

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