Samsung unveils its AR glasses without saying a word at CES 2020


  • Samsung: the strategy of discretion to get ahead of rivals?

This is probably the most bizarre and incongruous product launch in recent years. And frankly, no one is really sure this is a product launch ...

The scene unfolded at CES 2020 in Las Vegas. Samsung was in the process of presenting its Gait Enhancing & Motivating System (GEMS) analytical platform. Dedicated to fitness, this platform is based on an exoskeleton equipped with sensors to collect and analyze data on physical exercise.

Suddenly, without any notice, the representative of the company drew a pair of augmented reality glasses, accompanying her gesture with a simple comment: ”I'm going to put on my AR glasses“.

The device features a design similar to AR Nreal Lite goggles, relatively compact and lightweight although closer to ski goggles than sunglasses. Using gesture controls, the Samsung employee was able to select her exercise session while a virtual coach appeared in front of her.

However, at no time did the representative take the trouble to add details about this device or its technical characteristics. It is therefore completely unknown, at the present time, whether it is a future product or a simple prototype specially designed for the presentation of GEMS.

Samsung: the strategy of discretion to get ahead of rivals?

Let's get along well: the glasses presented during this demonstration could be part of the GEMS, as could the exoskeleton, and be limited to this use. Alternatively, the GEMS could be compatible with all AR glasses and this prototype would then only be designed to demonstrate it. However, it can also be a real product that was first revealed.

Although surprising, this demonstration could then be an excellent ploy from Samsung. By unveiling this device, the Korean giant has easily captured the interest of the public and the media. The proof: we are talking about it!

The Korean colossus has already filed several patents for AR glasses, and we therefore already know that he is one of the tech giants who intend to enter this market. However, while avoiding making the slightest comment, the Asian firm limit expectations and requirements around this possible product.

It's not not the case of Facebook and Apple, both of which postponed the launch of their AR glasses for several years to take the time to perfect them so as not to disappoint consumers.

Apple glasses were expected in 2020, but ultimately should not be released until 2023. Similarly, Facebook recently hinted that its glasses will not be completed until 2030.

Fact, Samsung could overtake its American rivals by soon launching a first model of augmented reality glasses. This device will probably not be perfect, but the Seoul firm has not promised wonders ...

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