Sensors and combinations - Virtual reality soon to be palpable

Sensors and combinations - Virtual reality soon to be palpable


In 2016, many devices integrating depth sensors and movement recognition appeared on the market. The HTC Vive is a prime example of this technology, with these sensors capable of locating the user in space. The movements of the head, but also the movements and orientation of the latter are recognized and transcribed on the computer, in a way that greatly facilitates the feeling of immersion of the wearer of the HTC device.

Sensors and combinations - Virtual reality soon to be palpable

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However, playing with controllers, whether they transform into pistols, assault rifles, or any other device is rarely enough to provide a realistic user experience. This is why some companies are trying to apply this technology to the rest of the body. By haptic feedback, it is now possible to obtain combinations capable of bringing a new dimension to virtual reality, where it was content to play on two senses: sight and hearing.

This is the case of the Sarotis project, which relies on the user's body using sensors, transforming it into a real controller. Sensors are placed on the limbs of the individual, who can therefore interact through his movements with any compatible software. Roughly, your whole body will become a gamepad with this technology. Not only will you be able to see your movements transcribed with perfect precision during your virtual reality sessions, but the haptic feedback could give you realistic sensations., relying on touch, which would make your VR experience virtually indistinguishable from reality.

Of course, this technology is still under development and Sarotis is not the only device that takes advantage of it. We remember for example a combination created by the Japanese supposed to accompany your erotic experiences in virtual reality, with a design that is still less successful than the Sarotis technology. If the latter were to democratize, the border between reality and virtual reality should become even more blurred. Obviously, the democratization of such a virtual reality will go through an affordable price and simplified use.. The device created by Sarotis does not seem to meet its criteria when we see all the wires that would be added to those that virtual reality headsets already have. But one day, virtual reality experiences will become practically real, if these sensors were to enter our homes.

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