Should we be afraid of virtual reality?


  • All eyes on the Oculus and Project Morpheus
  • Potentialities and thrill seekers
  • Is there a typical user?
  • Should we be afraid of virtual reality?

All eyes on the Oculus and Project Morpheus

The doors of E3 show - annual meeting of the video game industry in Las Vegas from June 16 to 18 - have barely closed, that already, the Oculus Rift - bought by Facebook for 2 billion euros - and Sony's Project Morpheus are on everyone's lips and there is no doubt that all those who have tried them would dream to extend the experience.

However, will virtual reality headsets be found in every home tomorrow? And who would be the typical buyers of virtual reality objects? Finally, should we be afraid of virtual reality?

Potentialities and thrill seekers

Virtual reality has not yet offered its full potential and there are still challenges that the But the first of all, would it not be to find its market and its potential customers? Yes, The Oculus Rift is a thrill-seekers' dream and its application possibilities leave you wondering : video games, sports, cinema or even real estate and health.

The future is slowly emerging with virtual reality. The city may soon not be able to do without it. Starting with real estate. The property sales site Explo immobilier has imagined 3D tours with Dassault and developed an innovative experience using virtual reality headsets.

Let's talk about health, virtual reality assistance robots, applications to treat phobias. Microsoft's HoloLens allows holographic visualization of cards. How can we not yet mention the sport in 3D where the company Next VR is a pioneer, or simply the 3D movie or television. Recently, the BBC channel said it was ready to adapt the format of its programs to virtual reality.

Is there a typical user?

What does a user of virtual reality objects really look like? Good question. First answer. The potential user of a Samsung Gear VR will need to be able to get hold of the wallet. It is necessary to count $ 200 or a little less than 185 euros.

HTC plans to release its virtual reality headset on the market Live in collaboration with Valve, by the end of this year, will then follow theOculus Rift in early 2016, similarly for the Sony's Morpheus project. For the Oculus Rift it takes 320 euros. And the price may reach a few thousand for some models. The designer Chinese Shenzhen expects to market its virtual reality device at around $ 2,400.

But again this is not true for all virtual reality objects: Google and its Cardboard, it is adaptable on a smartphone at a price between 15 and 32 dollars (i.e. between 14 and 29 euros).

For now, prices for VR items remain high, but according to Skip Rizzo, a researcher in creative technologies at the University of Southern California, this price could drop in a few years and in particular with the arrival of virtual reality applications applicable to mobiles.

explains Skip Rizzo,

Should we be afraid of virtual reality?

Other analysts are more reserved. says Brian Blau, research director in personal technologies at Gartner and head of the research institute on communication technologies. . And it doesn't end there.

Raymond Wong, a producer of analyzes at the Mashable Institute, is even more radical:

Regis Kopper, director of the virtual environment immersion institute at theduke university, is concerned about the repercussions that the use of these technologies can have on the body and the psyche:

Jeremy Bailenson, researcher at Virtual human interaction lab, still believes that

Of course, medicine could benefit from the applications of virtual reality, but not only that, students could also use it because it could allow the virtual reconstruction of the atomic structure or even immersion in a virtual atom.

But other questions are raised: would virtual reality not alter interactions between individuals? And behavioral science researchers respond, like Kopper, a researcher at Duke University,.

Or is it still a fear of the wolf that will disappear when man has mastered this technology and found his balance?

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