Should we buy a virtual reality headset now or wait?


  • Buy a high-end virtual reality headset
  • Buy a mid-range virtual reality headset

Between the impatience to buy a virtual reality headset now and the temptation to wait a few months for new things to arrive, the dilemma can be great. Faced with this indecision, we suggest that you take stock and advise you according to your wishes and your budget.

Buy a high-end virtual reality headset

The HTC Vive and the Oculus Rift, two top-of-the-range headsets were released last year. These headsets offer a wide choice of applications, games, experiences, videos, etc. Experts say these headsets are expected to remain on the market for around 3 years before their successors come out.. The prices should not go down much either in the coming months too, if your budget allows it, you can now move towards this choice. Various accessories should also make their appearance during the year to improve the experience and offer new sensations.

Side consoles, the PS VR is still unanimous and in the market for virtual reality consoles, few serious competitors are expected. If you therefore wish to buy a virtual reality headset for games, you can also take the plunge now. The quantity of virtual reality games in Sony's catalog is expected to continue to grow steadily throughout the year.

Buy a mid-range virtual reality headset

For those whose financial means are more limited and prefer an investment of around 300 euros then, in this case, it is better to wait to buy a virtual reality headset. The year 2017 will indeed be rich in new features with headsets running on Windows 10 and requiring only a mid-range PC.. Spring 2017 should see a large number of mid-range helmets bloom for prices around 300 euros.

Mobile VR side, the release of Google Daydream has shaken up the established hierarchy. Google offers affordable, high-quality headphones. However, it fails to unbolt the Gear VR from its place as the best virtual reality headset for smartphones. Few phones are however compatible for the moment but the offer should increase in the coming months. Samsung is expected to present a new headset with the release of its next smartphone. So be patient if you plan to get the next flagship product from the Korean manufacturer. Finally, if your resources are limited and you don't plan to replace your good old phone, you can now buy an entry-level headset like those offered by Homido, VR Box or even a Google Cardboard for a first approach to virtual reality.

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