Snapchat Lens Web Builder: A Tool to Easily Create AR Ads

Snapchat Lens Web Builder: A Tool to Easily Create AR Ads


With its famous “filters” allowing to add digital effects to real world elements, Snapchat is one of the companies that contributed to the democratization of augmented reality.

The preferred social network of young people also allows companies to create advertisements in augmented reality. Now Snap is launching a new tool called Lens Web Builder.

This will allow create AR effects more easily, in order to help businesses produce augmented reality ads.

Until now, it was necessary to create an independent AR application to create filters. This required a certain level of design expertise.

Snapchat Lens Web Builder will allow all businesses to create AR ads from a web browser

Now Snap has created a tool that can be used from any web browser. This allows users to create a filter in minutes without needing any prior experience.

Delivery charges hundreds of models are provided by Snap such as 3D objects, effects and animations. Additionally, users can upload their own 2D elements such as logos or images for further customization. The filters thus created can be used for Snapchat advertising campaigns, with a daily budget.

Obviously, facilitating access to the creation of AR content is the next step for the democratization of augmented reality. As the first AR glasses for the general public are expected sometime in 2020, it is essential that content creators and businesses can unleash their creativity to deliver experiences on these devices ...

Along with this announcement, Snap reveals that 75% of its 218 million daily active users now use augmented reality every day. In addition, 735 filters have been created and the best have accumulated several billion views.

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