Snapchat offers augmented reality training in France

Snapchat offers augmented reality training in France


Every day, 13 million French people use Snapchat to communicate with their loved ones. As everywhere in the world, the platform is a huge success with young people. In addition, by developing augmented reality features for its platform, Snap Inc has succeeded in the social media game.

Today, over 70 million people around the world use Snapchat's augmented reality Lenses for approximately three minutes. In total, pover 250 Lenses were created using the Lens Studio tool. These creations have been viewed over 15 billion times.

Beyond the entertainment offered to users, the augmented reality on Snapchat is a great marketing tool. Many brands use Lenses to strengthen their bond with their customers and improve their image. It is even possible to sell products directly through Snapchat.

Snapchat will teach French advertising agencies to master AR

In order to help French companies take advantage of this opportunity, Snapchat launches its training and accreditation program in France augmented reality for advertising agencies: Lens Creative Partners. This program brings together training modules in "camera marketing", in the creation of Lenses via Lens Studio, in the strategic use of augmented reality and its production, and in the use of analysis tools to measure the return. on investment of AR campaigns.

At the end of this training, agencies will obtain the title of Official Lenses Creator (OLC) Agencies. This certification will allow agencies to prove to companies that they are among the "best experts on the market" in France for the creation of augmented reality campaigns.

Six first “pilot” agencies have already been certified. It is DDB, Betc, Buzzman, Marcel, Blue 449 and TBWA. For Pascal Crifo, CEO of Blue 449 and Pascal Nessim, co-president of Marcel, this is an “opportunity to open up other fields to creation and to offer new integrated media / message approaches to customers” , to "create new links between digital audiences and brands", and a "great laboratory opportunity for teams and customers to stay one step ahead".

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