Software for vr rooms!

Software for vr rooms!


Virtual reality allows many interactions to be carried out with others. While not a substitute for real contact, it can sometimes provide great, immersive experiences. There are more and more VR software, and it is becoming difficult to choose one. Here are some examples of software you can use.

Make virtual tours via LiveTour

Virtual reality has many applications in the field of events. Among these applications, there is the possibility of showing a showroom in augmented reality. This type of virtual and realistic visit is quite possible with event agency software such as LiveTour. The latter makes it possible to transcribe a real space in 3 D.

Even if the displayed elements are virtual, it is possible to interact with them. To take advantage of this software, you must have a virtual reality headset and also subscribe to a monthly subscription. A free version is available, but it is logically limited compared to the paid version. The software was designed for professionals in the events sector, but also for real estate agents, interior decorators, etc.

Cupix, a free and powerful software

Like LiveTour, Cupix is ​​software that allows you to create a 3D environment from a real space. For this, it uses images taken by a 360 ° consumer camera. It is available in free version and in paid version. It was designed to allow the visit of a real estate in 3 D. As a result, it can also be used in events to make a virtual visit of a trade show.

Software for vr rooms!

It is also possible to make creations with the software. This makes it possible to present more sumptuous decorations allowing to attract the attention of the participants. By carrying out 3D modeling, it is no longer necessary to invest in the creation of original decors which can be expensive. Cupix is ​​therefore a good event agency software for virtual reality which can easily be complementary to other specialized software such as Lab Event.

VR-Suite, simple and efficient

This software converts 360 ° video and photo captures into an interactive 3D presentation. With VR-suite, it is possible to make a presentation of a product in 3 D. This can be effective during an event. Indeed, this allows all the guests to see the product in its entirety.

There is no subscription required for its use, but it must be purchased. However, it is possible to have a free trial. Apart from the product presentation in 3D, this event agency software also offers many features. It is also easier to handle.

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