Some tips that will improve your PlayStation VR experience

The community of gamers constantly competes for ingenuity to find and share tips to improve their gaming experience, the PlayStation is not spared by this fashion.

Some people had discovered in a few days that the PlayStation VR could be compatible with the majority of gaming platforms equipped with a HDMI. Indeed, you can use your PS VR as a giant screen with the Xbox One, the Wii U or even PCs. The very active Reddit community also shed light on three tips that will greatly improve your PlayStation VR experience. Here are these three tips:

  • Decrease screen brightness to around 60-70%. This will decrease the grayish appearance of some games without them becoming unplayable because they are too dark.
  • If after calibrating your PlayStation VR, the visual rendering is still blurry, restart the calibration but pretend that your eyes are slightly closer. This will give you an instantly clearer picture.
  • You will often need to remove your virtual reality headset to observe your surroundings. Whether it is to find your controller, your PS Move or your packet of chips, removing the device could prove to be restrictive in the long term. You can simply press the button that allows you to adjust the PlayStation VR (the one underneath the headset) so that it is away from your face and you only have to look down to return to the camera. reality. Then readjust it to be able to benefit from your experience again.

These few tips will definitely increase the quality of your gaming experience with PlayStation VR. Some seem logical, others are probably due to hazardous handling. However, this is often how great discoveries have taken place: by chance. One thinks of the apple which fell on the thinker's head, and which gave rise to a number of discoveries relating to gravity.

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