Spider-Verse AR: An Augmented Reality Spider-Man Experience

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  • Spider-Verse AR: Take selfies with Spider-Man!

On December 12, 2018, nouveau film d’animation Spider-Man : New Generation (Spider-Man Into the Spider-Verse en VO) will be released in French cinemas. In this feature film, it is a facet of Spider-Man comics still unexplored in the cinema that will be highlighted. The character of Miles Morales, who plays the superhero, ventures into the multi-dimensional universe of the ”Spider-Verse” to meet Peter Parker, Spider-Gwen, and other incarnations of Spider-Man from other dimensions.

Suffice to say that fans will be in heaven with this new film. And to top it off, Sony Pictures has decided to go all the way with fan service with an augmented reality experience : Spider-Verse AR. Developed in collaboration with 8th Wall, Trigger on the Amazon Web Services Sumerian platform, this experience allows users to interact with the different incarnations of Spider-Man, take photos with them, and share them on social networks.

Spider-Verse AR: Take selfies with Spider-Man!

On the screen of the user's smartphone or tablet, the sticky superhero appears in the real environment. It is thus possible to take a selfie with spider man in your living room, garden or kitchen with ease. So expect to see Spidey invade your friends' selfies in the weeks to come!

As Erik Murphy-Chutorian, CEO of 8th Wall, explains, this new experience demonstrates how brands can improve the customer experience and engage their fans through augmented reality. According to him, this technology allows users to dive deeper into their favorite fictional worlds. The previous Spider Man: Homecoming movie from 2017 came with a VR experience, but that's the Sony's first time using augmented reality.

This Spider-Verse AR experience is available for free, directly via the web. So you won't need a download. To use it, go to the official website at this address from a smartphone or tablet.

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