[Startup of the week] Discover Diakse's virtual reality e-stores


  • Diakse enters into a partnership with Mo毛t Hennessy

Diakse is a startup specializing in virtual reality which offers e-merchants a 3D vente solution. The young shoot offers create virtual shops within which customers can move freely and make their purchase. Diakse's promise? Allow users to live a shopping experience similar to that known during real shopping sprees thanks to virtual reality. To achieve this, the young company markets a 3D online store creation software and a personalization service of this site. Diakse uses a photographic base that the company couples to its technology to insert the products of the client brand.

Accessed propose two offers different depending on customers. If it is a luxury house, the startup will apply a fixed rate of 300 euros per store allowing the addition or removal of 20 products within the created virtual store. E-merchants with a larger number of products to modify can turn to the second offer: 10 euros per store combined with a suitable monthly subscription, depending on the number of monthly products to add and / or remove.

Diakse enters into a partnership with Mo毛t Hennessy

Strong ofAward for the best technology dedicated to business and communication of Laval Virtual 2016, the young shoot recently knew seduce the prestigious Mo毛t Hennessy group, leader in luxury wines & spirits, with its virtual reality e-boutique solution. Thus, Diakse developed a virtual reality terminal whose first model is currently on display at MH Lab 78, the Innovation Lab of the Mo毛t Hennessy group. Thanks to these terminals, theBuyers will be able to use a virtual reality headset to discover the products in the home world. If this type of virtual store allows brands to stand out on the web, in stores, the added value is also real. explains Julien Berthomier, CEO and co-founder. Shopping from your virtual reality headset, without having to travel, a revolution for retail?

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