Steam VR Home just launched Half-Life: Alyx environments

Steam VR Home just launched Half-Life: Alyx environments


Valve has made available new Half-Life: Alyx preview locations for Steam VR Home for those who own or have ordered a Valve Index headset.

The release of the game Half-Life: Alyx is highly anticipated. The game announced as a AAA game has fans dying of impatience especially after the recent release of some really impressive gameplay videos. The release scheduled for March 23 is however marred by major delivery problems of Valve Index headsets. Indeed, the announcement of the game's release caused a headset rush and stock shortage. One more supply hampered by the Coronavirus epidemic which limits production capacities. Sales of Valve Index helmets are expected to resume on March 9, but with very limited stock expected to run out the same day.. However, to wait, Steam VR offers us a small gift in its Home for those who have ordered or bought the VR headset.

Steam VR Home: two Half-Life environments: Alyx

The first location you'll find in Steam VR Home (which you can see in the video above) is outside in City 17 “in the shadow of the Citadel under construction”. The second (visible in the video below), meanwhile, is in Russell's laboratory. Russell is the character seen in the initial trailer, whose voice guides Alyx through the levels, as seen in the latest footage from Valve and IGN..

Valve clarified that while these are Half-Life: Alyx preview environments, they don't represent exactly the same level of detail, interactivity, and graphical fidelity as in the game itself, due to the inferior capabilities of SteamVR Home rendering technology. They nevertheless believe that the environments are "".

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