Swiss water park offers water slide with VR headset


  • One of the best waterslides in Europe goes VR
  • The water slide is a world first

One of the best waterslides in Europe goes VR

Named Houla Hoop, the Swiss water slide at Aquaparc was recently voted, for the second time in a row, the best family water slide in Europe. 170 meters long, this water slide now offers a unique experience in the world. Users are invited to don a virtual reality headset and enjoy the crazy descent to admire the breathtaking landscapes of Atlantis.

A descent that combines wonder, dizziness and sensations in the magnificent scenery of the mythical submerged city of Atlantis. The new Aquaparc attraction opened today. The virtual reality experience, which lasts 40 seconds per descent, is unique and, as the position of the visitor is never the same in the tube and the images are 360 ​​degrees, each descent promises a different spectacle that never tires. In addition to the sumptuous scenery of submerged Atlantis, the visitor will evolve alongside sea turtles and even sharks. The virtual reality experience is reminiscent of a treasure hunt.

The water slide is a world first

Developed with the company Polymorph, the concept has no less than 8 months of research and development to develop this water slide. Concretely, 11 sensors have been integrated into the slide as well as into the virtual reality headset in order to accurately calculate the location of each user and send them the corresponding images.

The water slide is accessible all year round and, in order to promote their attraction, The Aquaparc offers the water slide in VR for free throughout the month of May. From the month of June, access will cost 1 Swiss Franc per descent. The Aquaparc is located in the town of Port-Valais in the village of Bouveret in Switzerland, about 45 minutes from Lausanne.

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