Tango - Digitizing reality from a simple smartphone

Tango - Digitizing reality from a simple smartphone


Google seems to have big plans for this year and strongly believes in the potential of certain technologies like Tango. On the program, a tool developed in partnership with Lenovo to transform the interior of buildings into new 3D spaces adapted to virtual reality. Announced several years ago, the project seems to be taking shape and we should know more at a conference to be held from May 18 to 20 in Silicon Valley.

Tango - Digitizing reality from a simple smartphone

The multiple uses of Tango

Tango can be used for multiple uses. Whether for video games, with the possibility of using real environments and reproduced in 3D, for museums, coupled with augmented reality. Or even to go shopping, the uses are multiple and you can also find our article on the changes that augmented reality will bring to the way we consume by following this link.

A presentation coming soon

Lenovo will present its first Tango compatible laptop at Techworld on June 9th. If the technology is as powerful as Google suggests, we could be facing one of the most powerful systems of recent years, capable of bringing enormous benefits to virtual and augmented reality and all with the simple power of a smartphone

Yang Yuanqing, PDG de Lenovo.

It remains to be seen what technology has in store for us. Google has accustomed us to great things and so we just have to hope that it will show to us once again!


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