[Test] Dragon Front - World War and Fantasy on Gear VR


  • Scenario
  • Playability
  • Durée de vie
  • Graphics
  • Soundtrack
  • Conclusion on Dragon Front
    • Good points
    • Negative points

Available since February 2016 on Oculus Rift, the Dragon Front game has been available in open beta on Samsung Gear VR since the beginning of October. Proudly put forward by Oculus, this title has undeniable qualities. However, is it really suitable for Samsung's virtual reality headset?

Good points

  • A successful artistic direction
  • Many cards to collect
  • Four factions, four different play styles
  • Many possible strategies

Negative points

  • The smartphone often overheats before the end of a game
  • Unwanted crashes
  • The price of factions in gold coins


Scenario: A neat and developed universe, a fascinating and worked atmosphere halfway between heroic fantasy and World War II.

Playability: A complex and very complete strategy card game, many cards to collect.

Lifetime : A multiplayer mode with a competitive ranking system.

Graphics: Detailed graphics, a very successful cartoon style art direction.

Soundtrack : An epic soundtrack in harmony with the atmosphere of the title.

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