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Acheter le Freefly VR Beyond:

Unboxing du Freefly VR Beyond

Opening the Freefly helmet is easy enough to unpack the device easily and conveniently. The VR headset is alone in its box with only very few parasitic elements. You just have to lift the cardboard clapper to discover the helmet which takes up most of the box. The most difficult elements are in the storage of devices. Repacking is difficult and the box does not close identically.

Within the box containing the Freefly VR are several items. Regarding the accessories, we find in order: a user manual for the helmet with the compatibilities, a sticker with the logo of the brand above and a microfiber cloth. In short, the Unboxing of the Freefly VR Beyond headset is very efficient and functional.

Design and Ergonomics of Freefly VR Beyond

This category is certainly the element that will generate the most discussion. If the black color of the entire helmet remains overall neutral, despite the orange colors that adorn it. However, it is its form that will be controversial. While most headsets of this genre are content to stay within the norm the Freefly VR Beyond seeks to take risks. The shape of the helmet is a little more fanciful with imitation wings at the edge of the helmet.

Granted, many people may regret this whimsical design, but the bold risk-taking should be noted. The result is thus subjective depending on the person even if, once the helmet is on the nose, the design remains superfluous. On the other hand, it is necessary to be more severe as regards the ergonomics of the helmet which is much less successful.

In fact, unlike its predecessor, the Freefly Classic, adjusting the headset according to the size of the phone is less simple. You have to unscrew the stabilizers, remove them, put them in the desired location, screw the end caps back in and repeat the operation. Likewise, there is no dial to be able to adjust the lens spacing. It is however possible to adjust the helmet via the “wings” by pressing the orange button on the helmet, which will troubleshoot very easily.

It is also necessary to underline the effort of novelty with the insertion of triggers on the left and on the right of the helmet. Placed at eye level, the triggers are ideally placed while remaining extremely discreet in the general appearance of the helmet. Finally, the helmet is blocked by a removable padlock imitation which will undoubtedly guarantee better immobilization of the device during its use.

Taken aback by Freefly VR Beyond

It is important to note that no technology has been designed for the Freefly VR Beyond. Exit the Samsung Home or the Homido application. It is therefore necessary to download applications that can be used in VR. It is therefore important to run these before installing the helmet. Of course, iOS and Android services are supported in the headset.

If adjusting the helmet to the size of the smartphone is very tedious, this is the only major problem. As for the adjustment of the object, the system is different from other devices on the market. Exit the scratch system, replaced by less practical adjusters.

In terms of visual comfort, the Freefly has good lenses with a 120 ° visual field. The visual field of the headset happens to be the most important of all VR headsets. On the other hand, the helmet remains comfortable even if after 15 minutes of use you feel very hot in the face.

A quick note to conclude the transition from handling to an application dedicated to triggers. Thus the Crime Investigator game, still in development, will offer another experience. The game is presented as a point and click in VR where you have to investigate like a real policeman.

The Freefly VR Beyond against the competition

If the comparison of the Freefly VR Beyond with the Homido V2 is judicious, that with the Mogaman F1 is just as good. Let's start with the Mogaman F1 before moving on to the market leader.

In terms of design, if the Mogaman F1 remains classic, it is nonetheless effective. Even if the Freefly's “wings” offer remarkable risk-taking, the F1 remains a safe bet. On the other hand, when it comes to talking about the security of your smartphone, it is undeniable that the Freefly outperforms its competitor even if the handling is much more complex. Regarding visual comfort, the two helmets are equal.


However, the comparison with the Homido V2 is not very flattering. Except for its marginal design and superior visual field, the Freefly VR Beyond remains below the Homido. The first cause of this finding is based on the fact that Homido has a dedicated helmet application that is automatically activated. Despite this, the Freefly is a good VR headset that is roughly on par with the Mogaman F1.

Conclusion on the Freefly VR Beyond

What to remember from the Freefly VR Beyond? Firstly, the helmet stands out with a completely new and marginal design. A risk-taking that could in the long run pay off for those who are tired of helmets all alike. Regarding ergonomics, if we except the helmet settings which can be very complicated, it is quite simple. Finally, the handling of the Freefly is very simple, facilitated in particular thanks to the system of triggers in place.

Thus, the Freefly VR Beyond remains a good VR headset. However, it remains an entry level and the best of the Freefly range remains the Classic.

Good points

  • The innovative design of the helmet may interest more than one
  • Triggers to interact with VR content
  • Image quality good enough to have a certain visual comfort

Negative points

  • A very long adaptation to the size of the smartphone on the helmet
  • No application developed on helmets to facilitate handling


Design and Ergonomics: The design strikes hard by being quite marginal if the form can put off more than one. On the other hand the ergonomics may seem complicated but is facilitated by a few tips.

features: As with the Mogaman, no application has been developed to complement the helmet, so it is necessary to have applications in VR.

Getting started: The two triggers greatly help the grip. Aided by a very pleasant visual comfort, the Freefly VR Beyond is very easy to use despite the complicated setting.

Quality / Price ratio: For 60 € the Freefly happens to be ten euros below the Homido V2 but above the Mogaman F1. For everything the headset offers, the price / quality ratio remains positive.

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