[TEST] Idealens K2 +: An unknown standalone VR headset but perfect for 360 ° video

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  • First impressions of the idealens
  • Design and ergonomics
  • Getting started with the Idealens K2 +
  • Graphics and experience
  • Idealens interface
  • Against competition
    • VR Gear
    • Google Daydream
  • Conclusion

Idealens is a company specializing in all-in-one virtual reality headset design. The K2 + is not the last from Idealens, but brings together all the know-how of the Chinese designer. Its characteristics are above many of these competitors. The first being on Samsung's Gear VR. This test was based on this reference. Between advantages and disadvantages, you will know which helmet is best suited to your needs.

  • Brand : Idealens
  • Category : K2 +
  • Release date : 2017
  • Advised sale price : 650 euros
  • Weight : 295 grams
  • Dimensions : 105 x 129 x 183 mm

First impressions of the idealens

First of all the transport box supplied with the K2 + is very stylish. With its rigid construction, it resists drops. The VR headset is thus very well protected. When opening the box, the helmet is directly presented in the center. It comes with the user guide and all these accessories: a cable for recharging, a power outlet and a strap to adjust the retention of the helmet.

Unlike the Gear VR 2017, the K2 + does not come with a controller. This is rather unfortunate given its price. Charging is done with a micro-USB cable. The mains plug is however an American, due to the fact that the product is extra-European. It is mainly intended for the Asian market and that of the United States. The contents of the box therefore contain almost everything you need to start using this virtual reality headset.

Design and ergonomics

The design of this helmet is a subject of disagreement. Some love it, I'm a part of it, others hate it. Its very industrial style differentiates it from all its competitors who opt for a white or black plastic rendering. The approach is different and should be emphasized. The front of the helmet can be compared to the grille of a large car. The comparison is not so stupid, because its function is effectively to cool the interior of the helmet thanks to an ultra quiet fan. He couldn't hear himself so much that no one had noticed him, before seeing on the site that a fan was present.

Foam padding goes all the way around the helmet on the inside. It is also detachable, which makes the helmet easier to clean. The comfort is excellent especially thanks to a lower weight than the Gear VR. Its support arch allows very good support on the head. The big flaw comes from the design of the helmet designed for large heads. With a small face, the helmet will go beyond and you will see the reflection of the outside light on the lenses. It's not dramatic, but it can come out of immersion when the screen is dark. To remedy, you need a thicker foam on the outside of the sides of the helmet.

The buttons are located exactly the same place as on the Gear VR. Two + and - buttons on the left side of the device. Then a Home button on the right with the touchpad identical to that of the Samsung headset.

Getting started with the Idealens K2 +

To use the headset, it is not necessary to use the supplied strap. It will allow for larger heads to be able to stick the helmet well on the face (the same problem with the sides that let in the light still persists). Its greatest asset is certainly its ease of setting up. On the site it is written that you will need three seconds to put it on. In reality in a second it is put and well fixed. It is therefore ideal for sharing the experience with others. With its weight of less than 300 grams, it is both lighter and better balanced. The Gear VR weighs on the front because of the phone. While the K2 + concentrates heavy components closest to the face. The strap can be added very easily with simple clips on each side. A scratch then adjusts the tension of the helmet against the face.

To recharge it, this is where it gets complicated. It will take look for the micro-USB input before realizing that it is inside. A place that therefore prevents it from being used while recharging it. Despite everything, its autonomy is much greater than a Galaxy S, thanks to its 3800 mAh battery.

Graphics and experience

The K2 + screen is of very good quality with better contrast rendering compared to a Gear VR with a Galaxy S7. With a resolution of 1080 x 1200 per eye it is ideal for watching videos. It has a 120 ° field of view, which is superior to most VR headsets, including the Gear. It therefore supports all types of traditional formats. The Idealens headset does not include headphones, so you will need to connect either in Bluetooth or via the jack. But again, the connection is on the inside which is not really practical with the cable that will come out of the helmet against the face.

Idealens interface

The Idealens K2 + uses a custom operating system called "Ideal OS". It is based on the Android platform. This is where the headset struggles, the interface is bad quality with graphics straight out of an 80s sci-fi movie. greeted by a holographic robot, in a spaceship. The menu is therefore located in the center of the room and is not very intuitive. As for the language, it will be necessary to be satisfied with English or Chineses. The application store is not one of the first qualities of the helmet either. It contains a large amount of games that are very poor graphically and without any innovation. The software platform developed by Idealens is however open source.. Creators are free to integrate better quality games.

Against competition

VR Gear

The first big competitor is of course the Gear VR even in its 2015 version. Everything will depend on the phone you have. A Galaxy S8 will always be more beautiful graphically than an S6. But what must be taken into account is also the price. A Gear VR in addition to a phone costs more than the Idealens. On the other hand, if you already have a Samsung smartphone above the S6, then the price-performance ratio is higher. The latest edition of the Gear VR also includes a controller to control visual content without touching the headset.

Google Daydream

The virtual reality headset from Google being the competitor of the Gear VR it is necessarily also that of the Idealens K2 +. It is not autonomous either, but allows to integrate a greater number of different devices including the range of Samsung smartphones. The design is also very neat with a fabric finish. It also contains a controller to steer the universe in virtual reality without touching your helmet.


The Idealens is very good helmet according to your use. If you are looking for a headset for playing VR games, go your way. On the other hand if immersion in a video tempts you, then it is for you. But the software platform being open it is always possible to imagine better games for this headset. In conclusion if you have a Samsung S6 or more smartphone, turn to a Gear VR. But if your phone is not compatible, then the Idealens will be perfect offering better performance both in terms of comfort and graphically. The interface and the application directory is what makes the K2 + virtual reality headset worse.

Good points

  • The Idealens is of good quality
  • Video quality is excellent
  • It only takes a few seconds to put on the headphones
Negative points
  • His price
  • Its software and interface
  • English and Chinese compatibility only


First impressions: The transport box is a great asset.

Design and ergonomics Very good design. Particular attention to detail with its industrial style.

Getting started: Easy to learn. It is placed on the head in a few seconds

Graphics: The quality of the video graphics is excellent. But the interface is so poor quality that it does not showcase the OLED panel.

Quality / Price ratio: At this price the helmet could have been provided with more accessories and especially a more stocked game library

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