[TEST] Mare: an adventure and breathtaking views

[TEST] Mare: an adventure and breathtaking views7fa0dc219f3ce2cdb6fc96f7ab98-0.jpg">


Mare is a game of choice for those looking for a completely comfortable experience in virtual reality. You are dealing with a third person puzzle adventure game in which you guide a young girl through an ancient ruin. To learn more about this title, check out our review of it.

Mare: finally released after years of waiting

Best beachesthe title does not date from yesterday

expected this early in 2021, more precisely on January 7, to release it on Oculus Quest and Quest 2

A Rift version is also planned soon

Mare: a rather simplistic game in its progression

[TEST] Mare: an adventure and breathtaking views7fa0dc219f3ce2cdb6fc96f7ab98-1.jpg">

Best beaches breathtaking, especially with its landscapes marked by the test of time

The artistic direction of the game is very strongly inspired by the works of Fumito Ueda

monolithic constructions and the rickety wooden walkways that are ubiquitous in the game

Focus on the basic mechanics of the game 

Best beachesguide a young girl of barely 10 years old through an ancient ruin, and on eight levels

trace the right path for the little girl to follow

defend her against mysterious forces and encourage her to make certain movements

[TEST] Mare: an adventure and breathtaking views7fa0dc219f3ce2cdb6fc96f7ab98-2.jpg">

What about puzzle games?

Best beacheslocating collectibles that unlock a secret ending

the sensory experience is always there

the game's polygonal art direction favors style over exhaustive detail

Breathtaking graphics and immersion

has developed a real wonder given the graphics and immersion offered by this game

feel the whip of the wind rippling clothes and fabrics on your face

recurrent use of flying aids reminiscent of carrier pigeons

[TEST] Mare: an adventure and breathtaking views7fa0dc219f3ce2cdb6fc96f7ab98-3.jpg">

Mare: discomfort felt at certain levels

its protection comes at a high price from time to time

the little girl will make a scream

Best beaches

The comparison with the Ico trilogy does not only feel good

there is never really a reason or time to develop a lasting bond between you

Best beaches

he always wins points

[TEST] Mare: an adventure and breathtaking views7fa0dc219f3ce2cdb6fc96f7ab98-4.jpg">

Mare: final impressions

Best beachesit offers you a rather surprising VR immersion

it still promises you breathtaking views

Breathtakingly beautiful

Good points

Negative points


Basic Mechanism : Interesting base mechanic with a secret unlockable ending.

Immersion VR : Exceptional immersion in a universe of varied inspirations.

Graphics : Breathtaking graphics with polygonal art direction that emphasizes style.

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