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  • Unboxing and packaging of the Playstation Platinum
  • Design and ergonomics of the Playstation Platinum
  • An application dedicated to the PS4
  • Playstation Platinum sound quality
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  • A Pulse 3D Wireless for the PlayStation 5

Brand: Playstation
Category: Wireless headphones
Release date : January 19, 2017
Marketing price: 179 euros
Tested on : PS4 Pro, Samsung Galaxy Note 4, Oculus Rift via PC

Buy the Playstation Platinum at the best price:

Unboxing and packaging of the Playstation Platinum

The box of the Sony Playstation Platinum headphones resumes the graphic charter of the Playstation universe. All dressed in blue, the cardboard presents a photo of the product as well as the Playstation and PS4 logos, thus recalling its primary ambition: maximize the audio experience of the PS4. On one of the slices, the characteristics are presented: 7.1 surround sound, 3D audio, internal noise reduction microphones, built-in rechargeable battery and dedicated PS4 audio modes. At the back, in a classic way, we will find some basic information in different languages.

When opening this first box, we discover a black box. This, in hard cardboard, opens like a case, revealing the Playstation Platinum headset. The product is installed in a plastic support dressed in black fabric. The famous Playstation logo is affixed to it in the center. When you lift this support, you access a smaller cardboard box containing the accessories.

Playstation provides the user with a 3.5mm jack cable, a USB-micro-USB charging cable, a USB wireless adapter, a carrying pouch in the brand's colors (black fabric and blue laces) as well as two booklets. One gives details about helmet material specifications and warranty while the other will explain how to use the product. These instructions are rather clear, the instructions being supported by visuals.

Design and ergonomics of the Playstation Platinum

Now is the time to focus on the basics: the Playstation Platinum Wireless headset. The headphones, in shiny black plastic, cover the pads on the blue interior. Playstation does not offer replacement ear cushions; and for good reason, those present on the Platinum cannot be removed without damaging the product. The hoop is made of gray aluminum, highlighting the product name: Platinum. Flexible, it is however very thin, suggesting that it could eventually be distorted. Under this arch is a black silicone band. The helmet adjustment system can be confusing at first: it is indeed the headphones that are adjustable and not the headband. On the top of the inner part of the headphones, dots indicate the direction in which to wear the Playstation Platinum.

On these headphones, there are several buttons. On the rear of the left earpiece, from top to bottom, are a Sound Chat button, a diode to determine the status of the Playstation Platinum, an Off-1-2 button, a mute button, a volume trigger. The lower part presents a micro-USB socket to recharge the 750mAh battery, a standard audio input socket (3.5mm) as well as the two microphones. On theright earpiece, just one button: it allows you to switch from 3D mode to VSS mode (virtual surround sound). If the buttons are well made, we may regret their positioning which complicates their accessibility.

Let's detail the usefulness of these buttons. The button Sound Chat offers the possibility to adjust the volume of the chat according to that of the game. power button allows you to turn on the Playstation Platinum but also to select the audio mode : 1 for standard mode and 2 for enhanced bass mode. These two profiles are customizable via the Companion application which we will study a little further down. The mute button is used to control the microphone and sidetone. Thus, the user can hear his own voice through the headset. The volume is then adjustable by a long press. We will come back to the VSS-3D button in more detail in the sound part of the test.

Made of plastic, the Playstation Platinum has the merit of being light. Its somewhat crude design could raise concerns about its comfort; it is not, however. Once on the head, the helmet is comfortable to wear. The headphones perfectly encompass the ears, allowing you to enjoy immersive sound. The pads are of good quality and do not disturb during prolonged use (a little over an hour in this case of this test).

An application dedicated to the PS4

The Playstation Platinum is compatible with PCs, Macs and mobile devices but its added value is only really appreciable with the PS4. Indeed, for smartphones and other tablets, it is imperative to go through the wired mode to use the Playstation Platinum. The wireless connection is made via a USB adapter. This key can be plugged into a PC or Mac in order to enjoy the wireless sound promised by Playstation. But it is on the Sony console that the headset reveals its potential. Via the Playstation Store, it is possible to download the Companion application for the wireless headset. This offers several possibilities for customizations and sound tests.

The application dedicated to the PS4 first of all allows you to customize 3 audio modes: bass, medium and treble can be modified at the convenience of the user. Of predefined profiles are also available, divided into three categories: movies, music and games. The user can test these different configurations within the application, and assign them to the Playstation Platinum. Other profiles have even been designed to suit specific games such as the latest Uncharted or the recent The Last Guardian, which played the Arlésienne before being released at the end of last year.

The Playstation Platinum headset can be used with the PS VR only in wired mode, offering good sound quality. For PCs and Macs, the Playstation Platinum works like a classic bluetooth headset, which must be paired by plugging in the USB adapter then via the appropriate menu of your operating system. If without PS4 the headset is cut off from its customizable dimension, owners of HTC Vive or Oculus Rift can however benefit from its 3D.

Playstation Platinum sound quality

Blank of all user modifications, the Playstation Platinum offers good sound without being familiar with exceptional quality. The more patient will take the time to create their own audio profiles. And they will be right. By playing on the options offered, we get to benefit from better quality. When is the 3D sound so praised by Playstation? Unfortunately it is currently only usable with Uncharted 4. This mode must indeed be programmed within the game itself. It is a real shame because it provides exceptional immersion quality. Spatialization is almost perfect. Sony announced the future compatibility of three games pour l’instant : MLB The Show 2017, Uncharted: The Lost Legacy et Days Gone.

In stereo mode, the Playstation Platinum nevertheless does very well. If you cannot benefit from 3-degree sound, as in 360D mode, VSS mode, however, allows you to better identify the origin of the different sounds of games. Thanks to 7.1 technology, the sound produced by the headphones makes it possible to apprehend the game world in a different way. For optimized titles, we can even imagine that the Playstation Platinum will become an asset: the sound quality could indeed help to locate an opponent faster in a shooter.

The microphones are also of high quality. Two in number, they incorporate a effective ambient noise reduction. The local effect allowing to have an adjustable sound feedback during its parties and chats is also very appreciable.

Good points

  • Comfortable and light
  • Good stereo sound quality and excellent experience with 3D sound
  • Optimized for play on PS4

Negative points

  • Design that should have been more neat
  • A 3D sound technology that has not yet been used much


The Playstation Platinum is a very good headset. It provides a clean sound, fine and without any saturation. The headset is of real interest only for use with a PS4The 3D mode offers an almost unprecedented feeling of immersion, almost worthy of a home cinema.

But its design (of course, this point is relatively subjective, some will certainly welcome its massive appearance) and the materials chosen do not entirely give the feeling of getting what you pay for. This is all the more unfortunate given the comfort of the product.

Ultimately, The Playstation Platinum is probably the best headset currently available for PS4 gamers. With the promise of more titles supporting its incredible 3D mode, it could become the benchmark for gamers. In any case, players who have had the chance to try this wireless headset review on changerleurope.fr claim that this helmet is very convincing as long as you use it calmly. Are you ready to invest a sum of around 200 euros for excellent audio quality but a design a little behind? We will let everyone judge the legitimacy of the price positioning of the Playstation Platinum. What is certain is that if the 3D mode is in the future as well exploited as on Uncharted, this headset will really improve the immersion of the players.

Alternatives to Sony Platinum: the best headphones for PS4

There are of course many third-party brand alternatives to Platinum from Sony. Among the best wireless headphones is the SteelSeries Arctic Pro with its many features and high audio quality.

In terms of comfort, the benchmark is the Razer Nari Ultimate. If you're looking for noise canceling headphones, you can turn to the Turtle Beach Stealth 700. Finally, among the best budget headsets for PS4, there is the HyperX Cloud Stinger.

A Pulse 3D Wireless for the PlayStation 5

Sony headphones such as Platinum and Gold will be compatible with the PS5. As an indication, this will also be the case for all third-party brand headsets connecting via USB or jack.

However, the PlayStation 5 will have its own wireless headphones: the Pulse 3D Wireless. This accessory exploits Sony's new Tempest 3D AudioTech technology, allowing personalized surround sound to be delivered to the wearer's ears.

This technology also makes it possible to capture many sources of sound in video games, which should prove particularly immersive for virtual reality. The Pulse 3D Wireless will be the first accessory to fully exploit this innovation, although other devices should emerge later.

This new headset will cost the price of 99,99 euros. It is therefore much cheaper than the Platinum of the PS4, initially offered at 179 euros. Especially since the technology is more advanced and the design very successful.

The launch date is not confirmed. However, it is likely that the Pulse 3D Wireless will be offered at the same time as the PS5 on November 12, 2020.


Packaging: The packaging is classic. Playstation provides the accessories necessary for the proper functioning of the headphones, no more, no less. .

Design and ergonomics: The design is to our taste behind the performance of the helmet. The Playstation Platinum headset is comfortable but the ergonomics of the buttons leave something to be desired.

Application:We regret that the application is only available on PS4. This is nevertheless very good, offering good possibilities for customization.

Sound quality: In stereo the quality is more than acceptable. But the added value of this headset lies in its 3D sound technology.

Quality / price ratio: The 3D sound technology being very impressive, the price-performance ratio is not aberrant on paper; However, we can only advise to wait to see the compatibility of future games.

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