[Test] “Protube VR” a convincing VR rifle for less than 100 euros


  • ProTube VR: the first and only VR rifle for HTC Vive and Oculus Rift
  • The installation 
  • Design 
  • Ergonomics, handling and playing comfort
  • Immersion and quality of play
  • Quality / price ratio - In the face of competition
  • Conclusion

subject: VR rifle
Model: ProTube VR
Compatibility: Samsung live and eye Rift
Price: from 85 euros, without shipping costs
Availability: already available
Tested with: HTC Vive, mainly on Onward

The best, no doubt, since for the moment it is the only one to be distributed in France to individuals. Indeed, if there are VR rifles for the Sony's PS VR as the Aim Controller, there are none for HTC Vive and Oculus Rift.

Note that the protections must be removed from its levers to be able to insert them in the locations provided for this purpose.

Immersion and quality of play

Once the time to get started has elapsed, having something in your hands that has a shape similar to what you have a game, a gun, significantly improves immersion. On a la straining to handle a real gun, especially when you put away and unsheath your weapon from your back. Small flat, the tube frame of the accessory is a little too light to give the perfect illusion of having a gun in hand. What we lose in immersion, we gain in playing comfort, the lightness of the product makes it possible to move the weapon in play very quickly. The ProTube Vr also improves the level of play and accuracy of the player. Indeed, it is much easier to aim at another player with the controllers perfectly aligned on your ProTube VR than without. It's simple, uOnce we have tasted it we can no longer without passing. Cannot replay Onward without ProTube VR.

. Most VR rifle projects are for the arcade, while the ProTube VR is for home users. A price which is explained by the fact that the accessory does not embed any technology, it just serves as a support for the controllers.


A product that you cannot do without after the first use is necessarily a good product. For his price, comfort et game quality that it brings, the ProTube VR is currently the best VR rifle solution for HTC Vive and Oculus Rift. The product is simple: no embedded technology, just two controller mounts. However it perfectly fulfills its role of VR rifle. Admittedly, this accessory does not look like a real rifle, but perfectly fulfills its role of aiming aid. Contrary to what its name suggests, thee ProTube VR is not reserved for “pro gamers”. Casual player, or future hope of the Sport, the comfort provided by this VR rifle substitute is very appreciable during gaming sessions.

Good points

  • Unmatched playing comfort for FPS
  • Allows you to aim better
  • The price
  • Customizable and adaptable to all body types
Negative point
  • Industrial design: it doesn't look like a gun
  • The tubes are a little too light to give the feeling of carrying a real gun


Installation: easy to use and install, this accessory has no on-board technology. Just place the levers in the locations provided for this purpose, adjust the retractable tubes and you're ready to go.

Design: This is the weak point of the product. Uncluttered to the extreme, this ProTube VR as its name suggests does not look like a gun. At the same time, this is not what we are asking of him.

Ergonomics and handling: only 3 hours are required before getting used to this new style of play with accessories. No doubt, the Protube VR is a precise aiming aid in games such as Onward

Playing comfort Unparalleled gaming comfort with and without the Protube VR. The arms are less tired after long hours of play.

Quality / price ratio: For less than 100 euros the Protube VR has no competitor for the moment and perfectly fulfills its role of VR rifle. A product intended for both casual and professional players

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