Test the augmented reality makeup of the Pitch Perfect 3 actresses


  • Pitch Perfect 3: a partnership with Youcam Makeup
  • Augmented reality as a promotional accessory

This is a trend that you will probably have to get used to soon. To promote a film, using virtual reality or augmented reality should soon be essential. The latest example: Pitch Perfect 3. NBC Universal Film Offers Fans To Try Augmented Reality Makeup In Partnership With YouCam Makeup. We explain how it works.

Pitch Perfect 3: a partnership with Youcam Makeup

How to surf effectively on the release of a film that primarily focuses on looks and physique? For the movie Pitch Perfect 3, NBC Universal decided to partner with the virtual reality application YouCam Makeup. We already told you about it in our article on the best uses of augmented reality in the world of fashion and beauty.  It allows you to test many makeup styles in seconds using your smartphone.

For the release of Pitch Perfect 3, the application offers the styles of the 8 main characters of the film. So you can try out the styles of Beca, Fat Amy, Emily, Audrey, Chloe, Calamity, Lilly and Cynthia Rose on yourself and see which one suits you best for your next night out! The application also offers some functions a little more gadget like the possibility of using filters or frames related to the environment of the film for your photos. It's a whole package that was offered using the multiple features of the application. However, this is still an excellent way to be able to test, on yourself and in a virtual way, what a particular type of makeup can give and if it is suitable for your face, your skin texture or its color.

Augmented reality as a promotional accessory

For the Youcam Makeup app, this is a new step in a long list of partnerships. On the occasion of Halloween, she had made an agreement with Lancôme Paris. Since last summer, it has been a partnership with L'Oréal which has made it possible to test many products and even buy them directly from the Youcam Makeup application. These efforts have enabled it to win several awards in the register of the most innovative applications.

Of course, on the Pitch Perfect 3 side, we must also take this partnership and this augmented reality offer for what it is: a promotional operation. While up to 50% of the current film budget is dedicated to marketing purposes, the use of augmented reality or virtual reality is expected to increase in the coming years. As early as 2015, the phenomenon took shape through operations for the Avatar films or even Amazing Spiderman 2. But, with the appearance of new technological possibilities, there is no doubt that creatives imagine ever more complex approaches.

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