[Test] The Climb: A game that reaches the pinnacle of VR games

[Test] The Climb: A game that reaches the pinnacle of VR games



You are not in an adventure game (even if you are going to make a living from it), and even less in a role-playing game. So don't expect a Hollywood script, The Climb is a game that won't need a script to keep you going. Regarding the character you will control, you will only see his two arms (like a certain Rayman), equipped with gloves and a watch.

The game begins with a rather well done tutorial, and you quickly understand how the game works. There are two tutorials (beginner and advanced), the simple tutorial will explain the basics of the game. As for the advanced tutorial, it will allow you to unlock access to other courses in the game. The tutorials, although very explanatory, remain quite difficult for an introduction.


To be able to climb as well as possible, a person who embarks on climbing needs two things: good equipment and chalk. For those who do not know, magnesia is a white powder, which allows you to adhere to rock walls more easily, you can also see the gymnasts putting on it before a test. The management of this powder is essential in The Climb, because if you do not have enough chalk in your hands, then the hooks will be affected, you will have less strength, and your ascent will be more difficult. An experienced climber will know how to best manage magnesia in order to climb quickly and efficiently.

Regarding the gameplay, under each of your wrists is indicated a colored circle which corresponds to the endurance of your arms. This circle changes color depending on the shape of your arms, the base color is blue before changing to green then when your arms no longer hold, the color changes to red. When the color of the circle is red, you must take a break, leaning with both hands on a hold or changing the supporting hand, otherwise you will experience a rather unpleasant fall. However, the “death” scene is quick enough that it doesn't hurt your inner ear and thus your balance too much.

The Climb is not just a simple climbing game, you will have to think about the best holds to achieve, and the different types of hooks, because some will affect your hands differently, especially those strewn with stones which will hurt you if you place your hands straight. Fortunately, you can tap the trigger to clear the stones and clear your way. Note that it is almost impossible to finish a course without falling, hence the addition of saving points materialized by carabiners, scattered all along the wall to be climbed.

The game also gives you the option of jumping to get to a fairly far hold but the problem with jumping is that you can use them to climb much faster but by doing that you will lose the fun of climbing and that's it. interest of the game. During your ascent, it is possible that you can no longer find the way to follow, for this, small arrows are marked with white chalk on the walls, to show you the way, and if despite this help you do not succeed still not, then there is a GPS feature that will help you. However, this tool is not present on all plots.

But The Climb is not perfect, especially in terms of the grip of the catches, the game is a little fishy. We can notice precision defects at the level of the grip and also on the precision of the jumps which is sometimes approximate. Which can be a bit annoying, especially if you're near a save point.

The Climb with the new Oculus Touch

We were able to test The Climb with the new Oculus controllers, the Oculus Touch. Do these controllers similar to the controllers supplied with the HTC Vive change anything in the gameplay? The answer is a big yes, without any hesitation.

[Test] The Climb: A game that reaches the pinnacle of VR games

The gameplay changes completely with the Oculus Touch, the immersion is increased tenfold, but not only, since fatigue is an important element of this gameplay. Trying to hook the holds one after the other, trying to climb to the top of the mountain will take time and energy.

The gameplay of The Climb with the Oculus Touch offers a real challenge, but once you get to the top, the joy will be even more present. This is the first time that we have played writing a game that required so much energy. Obviously, this is not a marathon, but for players who are not used to moving so much with their controllers. This gameplay is likely to be a real discovery.

[Test] The Climb: A game that reaches the pinnacle of VR games

In addition, the vibration function of the Oculus Touch is well used since it serves to indicate difficult holds, especially when your grip is full of stones, or when you are losing stamina. Everything is done so that the immersion is total.

If you have the possibility to play with the Oculus Touch, we highly recommend it, because it perfectly transcribes the sensations of ascension.


Graphically, Crytek knew how to use the CryEngine graphics engine perfectly, it plays its role perfectly, with good quality textures perfectly reproducing the environments (especially that of the Bay which is splendid). But we could expect better, especially in certain details which are still quite pixelated.

[Test] The Climb: A game that reaches the pinnacle of VR games

As for the immersion, it is very well done, so much so that we often want to stop climbing to contemplate the landscape. On your ascents, it won't be uncommon to come across animal or insect nests, but don't worry, they won't attack. The immersion is gripping but not as much as a game like Eve Valkyrie where the feeling of loss of balance is much more present. However, it is possible to feel nauseous after playing for a while (2 hours for me), but every metabolism is different, and it is quite possible not to feel anything during the gaming experience.


The soundtrack does not include an anthology of sounds and musics. However, the few sounds present in the game will immerse you even more in the adventure, the sounds have been perfectly chosen, the cries of animals are breathtakingly realistic, the sound of insects coming out of their den, the cry of the eagle that will follow your journey shows Crytek's search for sound quality for lack of quantity.

[Test] The Climb: A game that reaches the pinnacle of VR games

The game is nevertheless quite silent, like climbing which is not the loudest sport in existence, but everything has been done by Crytek to immerse you, and offer you the best climbing sensations and we can say that the soundtrack plays a big part in it.

Durée de vie

We see that Crytek has worked a lot on its subject to offer such a game, when we launch the game for the first time, we think we have an arcade type game when we find ourselves almost in a simulation, "almost" because the peaks can be achieved fairly quickly, but again that will depend on how hard you use.

[Test] The Climb: A game that reaches the pinnacle of VR games

The Climb offers 3 maps (Bay, Canyon, Alps). Each of these maps can be completed with multiple modes ranging from easy to expert. The levels of difficulty are rather well done, and will play especially on the level of decrease in endurance. In addition, each map can be completed differently, because the climbing routes are not confined to a single route, so you will have the possibility of choosing your own route, within the map in question, thus increasing the life span. of the game if you want to discover everything.

The Climb can allow you to play in a contemplative way, via its Zen mode which will allow you to climb without thinking about the management of the magnesia, or the endurance of your arms. The game also allows you to challenge your friends with top scores to beat, and with nearly a hundred achievements to unlock in the different circuits (achievements that will allow you to customize your gloves and your watch). LThe game easily gives you between 3 and 5 hours in a "straight line", and it takes around ten hours to unlock everything.

Conclusion of the Climb test

In itself, The Climb is a great experience that needs to be tested at least once (we had tried it and we adopted it), to see how far virtual reality can take us. Where this game offers something beautiful is that even if you are not a fan of climbing, The Climb can make you love the discipline. In addition, making a successful climb will give you such a sense of accomplishment that it will be enough to fill the sum that you have given for this game.

Good points

  • High quality graphics
  • Several game modes including Zen mode which adapts to your pace
  • Immersive sound environment
  • High replayability
  • Gameplay formidable
  • Incredible sense of accomplishment
Negative points
  • Some lack of precision on hooks and jumps
  • Game that can suffer from “motion sickness”
  • A card or two more could have extended the life a little more


What to say, whether in terms of gameplay, sound or graphics. The Climb gives us a hell of a slap in the face, just to show us that virtual reality has more to show than cashier simulations or 360 ° videos. To test urgently !

Scenario: A scenario, what for? When we have concrete gameplay

Playability: Quick and efficient handling but with some imperfections, just not to achieve perfection.

Graphics: Graphically, well done, The Climb is a marvel of contemplation, the hours pass very quickly in front of this show.

Soundtrack : : The details make the difference, Crytek shows with The Climb that you don't need a full soundtrack to make a good game.

Lifetime : If you are picky and the type to finish games from the ground up then The Climb will offer you a certain challenge. The others will say that one more card would not have been too much.

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