[Test] The Walking Dead Onslaught: A Deliciously Scary VR Game

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Alejandro Crespo Martínez
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  • Minimum system:
  • gameplay
  • In Daryl's shoes
  • The Walking Dead Onslaught: a good dose of adrenaline
  • Immersion
  • The Walking Dead Onslaught: Breathtaking Sound
  • Navigation comfort
  • Verdict
    • Good points
    • Negative points
    • 6.1

The Walking Dead Onslaught is the second thrill and horror game in the Walking Dead saga intended for PC and PSVR players. Its release has marked this year 2020 after that of The Walking Dead Saints & Sinners at the very beginning of the year. year.

Minimum system:

  • Operating system : Windows 10
  • Processor : Intel Core i5-4590 / AMD FX 8350
  • RAM: 12 Go of memory
  • Graphics: NVIDIA GTX 970 / AMD Radeon R9 290
  • Network: Broadband internet connection
  • Disk space : 7 GB of available hard disk space


The Walking Dead Onslaughtmethodically search for suppliesrationspharmaceuticalspierce the neck of the living dead with a sharp blade

aim at targetsshootrechargeflee the red zone

don't forget to look around youimprove your weaponsunlock the rest of the story

In Daryl's shoes

The Walking Dead OnslaughtDarylattempt to save a little girlfairly easy to complete

attract survivors to your campfood gathering questsscrounging missions to unlock Daryl's story

amass a maximum of resources to be able to unlock the next chapter

The Walking Dead Onslaught: a good dose of adrenaline

The Walking Dead Onslaught3 bullets in the head to eliminate them

The Walking Dead Onslaughtarmored enemies in riot gear or covered with spikes


The Walking Dead Onslaught one way sloggood graphics

the design of the characters and their voices is quite exceptional,Alexandria area represents the place where all the survivors gather

The Walking Dead Onslaught: Breathtaking Sound

The Walking Dead Onslaught

game user interface intelligently positions itself out of the way

Navigation comfort

The Walking Dead Onslaught SurviosVR comfort


This new game in the universe of The Walking Dead in virtual reality suffers from several faults which will certainly have an impact on his video game career. First of all, you can't help but compare it to Saints & Sinners released earlier in the year and very well received by the press and players. It's going to sound contradictory given the subject matter of the game, but Onslaught doesn't offer a vivid experience. It shows clearly the lack of resources for development. As a result, the final experience seems sloppy with lazy gameplay and an overly generic universe. In addition the title

One of the only things reminiscent of this happening in The Walking Dead universe is the presence of Norman Reedus. He manages by his talent to save the title from the debacle. In reality, everything is not to be thrown away. The Walking Dead Onslaught can still serve as an outlet if you do not want to think too much and you like to beat the zombie to death.

Good points

  • The presence of Norman Reedus

Negative points

  • Universe that does not live


gameplay : Wobbly gameplay with a pronounced arcade edge that will not appeal to everyone.

Immersion VR : It could have been good, if the game's flaws weren't making the experience come out every time.

Graphics : The point on which this game defends itself. The horror of zombies is well represented.

Audio : A decent soundtrack. Dubs seem to have been done in a hurry.

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