[TEST] Unearthing Mars VR: (Almost) alone on Mars… We're bored


  • General presentation of Unearthing Mars VR
  • Scenario
  • gameplay
  • Graphics and soundtrack
  • Immersion
  • Navigation comfort
  • Playing time
  • Conclusion
    • 5.1

Unearthing Mars VR propels the player in the shoes of a space co-pilot, on a mission on the surface of the planet Mars. Published and developed by studio Winking Entertainment, this game promises exploration, puzzle solving and even first-person shooter.

Unearthing Mars VR's storyline, while enjoyable, remains far-fetched as it is undermined by very patchy graphics and gameplay.

Numbers of players : 1


Graphics and soundtrack


Good points

Various phases of play

Negative points

Really average graphics
No difficulty
Scenario too rigid


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