The cars of the future will be autonomous with augmented reality

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  • After autonomous cars, augmented reality cars
  • Autonomous AR cars, new opportunities for brands
  • The car of the future, a space for work and relaxation

Now that self-driving cars are well underway, it's time to bring augmented reality to the automotive industry.

Self-driving cars are already on the roads. These should soon become part of our daily life, with some adjustments regarding the prioritization of hazards. In the meantime, car manufacturers are also starting to take an interest in augmented reality to adapt it to their vehicles.

After autonomous cars, augmented reality cars

Peugeot, Hyundai, Toyota and Jaguar are currently working on windshield projects incorporating AR technology. Even Uber unveiled a model of a self-driving car last month. Brian McClendon, vice president of Uber even predicts that augmented reality will eventually replace road signs. For him, as soon as motorists are 100% equipped with autonomous cars incorporating augmented reality, road signs will disappear.

Thanks to augmented reality, drivers will have their route, their driving statistics and even the inclination of the road at their fingertips. These cars will be able to react effectively to any unforeseen event they might encounter on the road., as well, see even better than the driver. Travel will therefore become much safer and more immersive.

Autonomous AR cars, new opportunities for brands

In these cars of the future, drivers will have their hands and intentions free. Surrounded by screens, for example, they can order and pay for their groceries and other purchases even before they arrive at the point of sale. In a context where the motorist would have nothing to do except look at the various screens that surround him, brands would certainly use this new medium to communicate. We can already wonder what the future of radio will be, which particularly targets motorists.

The car of the future, a space for work and relaxation

Instead of having his attention requisitioned by his driving and his environment, the user will be able to stroll and work at leisure in his vehicle. It will no longer be a question of getting angry behind the wheel against other drivers (because it will no longer be them who will have to be blamed) and cursing traffic, but rather of engaging in augmented reality videoconferences, while unrolling presentations and other work tools. Or, user will be able to watch movies and even play immersive games in their car. In short, enough to make the long hours of travel much more pleasant.

Days after Uber unveiled its self-driving car, Grab, a rival company announced that it would offer customers in Singapore the option of ordering self-driving taxis. Companies in the automotive sector obviously take these technological opportunities very seriously. We should therefore see these technologies appear much sooner than we think.

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