The Palais de Tokyo relies on virtual reality

The Palais de Tokyo relies on virtual reality


The Palais de Tokyo now offers a permanent exhibition in VR. Called the “Virtual Palace”, it is in fact a new program linked to art in co-production with Fisheye.

What place for virtual reality in the art world? The question arises and is renewed over the imagined uses. The former Palace of the Museums of Modern Art is also innovating in this register in order to promote new forms of expression..

The Palais de Tokyo relies on virtual reality

Palais de Tokyo: a place of discovery

It is a permanent place, a new exhibition at the Palais de Tokyo which opens during this spring of 2019. For the first time, a French cultural institution is making such a massive commitment to the world of virtual reality.  There are therefore three works by French and international artists.. The opportunity to dive into the potential of virtual reality for artistic creation, in the field of contemporary art. In the past, the building dedicated to modern and contemporary art had already offered works in virtual reality. However, the point is to make it permanent. Every year, the artists will be renewed.

With a helmet over your eyes, you can discover the world of Julio Le Parc, Julien Cruzet or even Antwan Horfee. Three fundamentally different experiences, able to appeal to a very large audience. While some art lovers might see this initiative as a sort of withdrawal, an individual experience, the curators defend a new reality to be conquered, full of possibilities capable of renewing the very notion of art in our subconscious. You will find the Palais de Tokyo at 13, avenue du Président-Wilson in the 16th arrondissement of Paris

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