The Perfect365 augmented reality app now offers to test hairstyles


  • Perfect365 allows you to test 6 haircuts
  • A guide to achieving a new haircut

Perfect365 is a well-known augmented reality application. Downloaded by more than 80 million users, this app allows you to virtually try different types of professional make-up from a simple photo taken with your smartphone. It is thus very easy to test a large number of make-up and see, in real time, the result on your face. By partnering with the manufacturer of hair accessories, Perfect365 now offers its users to also test new hairstyles without going through the hairdresser's box.. Augmented reality tests ensure that the style you choose suits you perfectly and advice is given to you to achieve this change of look.

Perfect365 allows you to test 6 haircuts

It is often difficult to decide on a change of look. Adopting a new haircut can be a drastic positive change, but it can also be a disaster if your face or hair is not suited to that hairstyle. Before you go to the hairdresser to ask for a drastic change, or before you test yourself handling the hair straightener or curl bar, you can now safely test what this new cut will look like in augmented reality..

Also, the application Perfect365 has partnered with the manufacturer Hot Tools to offer, not only to test the rendering of a hairstyle in augmented reality, but also to offer complete tutorials to achieve, yourself, the haircut that you like. Whether it's a change for everyday life or for a special occasion, the app will guide you step by step.

A guide to achieving a new haircut

According to Vickie Wei, Marketing Director of Perfect365, adding the ability to test out a new haircut and learn how to achieve it is related to the fact that “”. The manager adds that: “”.

Perfect365 competes directly with the other major augmented reality makeup application YouCam Makeup. These augmented reality applications are also a great springboard for cosmetics manufacturers and the biggest brands have taken advantage of these technologies to promote their products..

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