To The Top - Review of the best virtual reality climbing game

To The Top - Review of the best virtual reality climbing game


Players: 1 player
Release Date: May 18, 2017
Developer: Electric Hat Games
Genre: Climbing, Running, Platform
List price: 22,99 euros
Platforms: HTC Vive, Oculus Rift

To The Top storyline: a simplistic storyline to introduce the gameplay

To The Top - Review of the best virtual reality climbing game

To The Top takes place in the future. In order to keep cities and their citizens safe, humans created Super Bots, robots with extraordinary powers piloted by humans to protect the widow and orphan. Before being sent to the field, apprentice pilots are trained and tested in the TO THE TOP Academy, a simulator in which they must prove themselves and prove that they are up to the task of piloting a Super Bot. This simplistic scenario serves primarily to justify the surreal nature of the graphics and gameplay.

To The Top gameplay: original, exhilarating and addicting gameplay

The gameplay of To The Top is both simple and extremely effective. Concretely, the player controls a Super Bot in first-person view, and must jump from platform to platform to climb to the top of each level. To do this, he can put his hands on all blue colored surfaces and move around those surfaces 360 degrees. The Vive Wands and Oculus Touch controllers are used wonderfully, and really give the player the impression of moving around by clinging to the different platforms.

As the game progresses, new mechanics are gradually implemented. Thus, by placing both hands on the same platform, the Super Bot can jump. In performing several jumps in a row, he will jump further and further and higher and higher. The character can also slide on ramps, be propelled on conveyor belts, fly with the Jet Hands or control his trajectory during a fall.

To The Top - Review of the best virtual reality climbing game

Once these mechanics are taken care of, the player will quickly start to move very quickly. The goal of the game is precisely to finish the levels as quickly as possible to unlock the gold medal and climb the world rankings. This gameplay is very dynamic, but above all extremely fun and addicting.

At first glance, To The Top may seem simplistic, but it is not. In reality, the gameplay and more particularly the movement system has been tested and adjusted for over a year, until it is satisfactory enough to meet the requirements of the developers. Inspired by classic platform games like Super Mario, Electric Hat Games wanted to take the classic mechanics of these games and adapt them to virtual reality. The bet is successful.

Lifespan of To The Top: an almost unlimited lifespan

To The Top - Review of the best virtual reality climbing game

All like classic platform games, To The Top is easy to learn, but requires a high level of proficiency to be 100% complete. Players can practice endlessly to progress again and again and move up the world rankings. In fact, this title offers an almost unlimited lifespan.

The game includes only thirty levels, separated into three difficulty categories. In each level, the player will have to achieve the best possible time to try to win the gold medal. The medals allow you to unlock the next levels, but also to unlock customization options for the avatar, such as masks, breastplates and gloves.

In addition, in each level the player can engage in exploration to collect all the gems and the hidden medal. Through this side objective, the user explores each area in great detail, and thus discovers shortcuts or faster ways to finish the level. He can then take the best routes to beat his time record.

In the As part of a future update, a competitive multiplayer mode will be implemented, allowing players to race in real time. Likewise, the developer already intends to add 5 additional levels.

To The Top graphics and soundtrack: original graphics, a pop / house soundtrack composed by local artists

To The Top - Review of the best virtual reality climbing game

- To The Top's graphics aren't necessarily technically advanced, but the art direction is particularly stylized. We take real pleasure in immersing ourselves in this colorful and abstract geometric universe.

The soundtrack is made up of lively music, house or pop rock style, by artists from Austin, Texas, the city in which the title was developed. We thus finds the artists Future Islands, Capyac, Mirror Mask, Night Drive, Slooom and Sip Sip.

Immersion of To The Top: an incredibly immersive experience

To The Top - Review of the best virtual reality climbing game

The experience offered by To The Top is particularly immersive. The player really feels like climbing, sliding or bouncing and the title provides an adrenaline rush. In the event of a fall, the feeling of fear is real. Likewise, if you are prone to vertigo, we do not recommend looking down as you climb… unless you want to treat yourself to a good fright.

Comfort of To The Top: a very comfortable experience despite the many fast movements

To The Top - Review of the best virtual reality climbing game

En fine-tuning its movement system for over a year, Electric Hat Games has managed to create a very comfortable game despite the many rapid movements in all directions. Jumps and slides do not give a feeling of motion sickness.

To The Top : conclusion du test

To The Top - Review of the best virtual reality climbing game

One of a kind, passionately created and particularly fun, To The Top is arguably the best virtual reality climbing game available today, surpassing even great titles like The Climb or Everest VR. Beyond gender, this is probably one of the best VR games in terms of gameplay and immersion. The sensations provided are simply jubilant and addictive. A title to own absolutely.

Good points

  • A fun and comfortable travel system
  • Addicting gameplay
  • An original artistic direction
  • An almost unlimited lifespan
  • A sympathetic and motivating soundtrack

Negative points

  • Some probably won't like the graphic style.


Scenario: Simplistic gameplay, mainly used to introduce gameplay.

Playability:A jubilant gameplay, simple and effective, very addicting.

Lifetime : An almost unlimited lifespan thanks to the possibility of infinite progress.

Graphics and soundtrack: Surreal and stylish graphics, a catchy pop / house soundtrack.

Immersion: An extremely immersive and sensational experience.

Comfort: A comfortable experience thanks to a fine-tuned movement system for over a year.

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