Top 10 best free VR apps for Android

Top 10 best free VR apps for Android


In order to guide you in your first steps with virtual reality, we first of all chose the best VR apps for Android which we believe are essential to fully enjoy your new helmet. We have then also selected the best free VR experiences on Android as well as a selection of best free virtual reality games.

Top 10 best free VR apps for Android

The essential apps for virtual reality on Android

"Cardboard": the essential Google application to take your first steps

Top 10 best free VR apps for Android

“Cardboard” is the top pick on our list of the best apps for Android, and for good reason. This app will allow you to first configure your smartphone with your virtual reality headset. Nothing very complicated in this, you just have to scan the code or choose from the models offered. "Cardboard" will also allow you to make sure that everything is working and that you can see well in 3D and 360 degrees..

You can download the “Cardboard” app from Google Play for free here.

"YouTube": the best platform to watch VR videos

Top 10 best free VR apps for Android

We no longer present the “YouTube” video platform. What you might not know is that “YouTube” is full of excellent 360-degree videos and 3D videos compatible with your smartphone. So, if you haven't already done so, we strongly recommend that you download the “YouTube” application on your phone to enjoy the videos on your VR headset.

You can download the “YouTube” application for free here.

“VaR's VR Video Player”: a virtual reality video player

Top 10 best free VR apps for Android

“YouTube” is not the only platform to offer videos for virtual reality headsets. The web is full of sites offering to download videos for free or for a subscription, often of very high quality in 3D and 360 degrees. “VaR's VR Video Player” is one of the best VR video player and offers a large number of possible settings.

“VaR's VR Video” Player is available for download free of charge here.

Best VR apps for Android

"Within": a platform with the best content

Top 10 best free VR apps for Android

"Within" is an application that lists the best virtual reality content from the greatest creators in the world of VR. You will find magical universes, explorations, documentaries, etc. in different genres. A great way to experience the best of what virtual reality can do for you today on your VR headset or Cardboard. A little "Netflix" of virtual reality.

The excellent “Within” app can be downloaded here.

"Jaunt VR": documentaries not to be missed

Top 10 best free VR apps for Android

“Jaunt VR” is a platform quite similar to that of “Within”. It lists 150 experiences in virtual reality. 3D concerts, 360-degree and 3D documentaries, etc. A very wide choice of experiences to discover the potential of virtual reality on your helmet. 3D videos provide first-person immersion, and 3D offers new and often impressive perspectives.

In order not to miss the “Jaunt VR” application, it's here.

"GoPro VR": an application to experience what you would never dare to

Top 10 best free VR apps for Android

Swim with sharks, dive in a wreck, take a wingsuit flight, see Komodo dragons up close, and more. are experiences the vast majority of us will never have. Some brave or adventurous did it and brought back exceptional 3D and 360 degree images. "GoPro VR" invites you to slip, virtually, into the skin of these daredevils and live their experience as closely as possible. Thrills guaranteed.

The “GoPro” app can be downloaded for free here.

"Public Speaking VR": to practice speaking in public

Top 10 best free VR apps for Android

Giving a presentation, speaking in front of an audience at a conference or worse yet speaking in front of a crowd of people is a dreaded moment by many. For all those who have to speak in public leaves speechless or generates a totally blocking stage fright, "Public Speaking VR" is an excellent way to practice without risk and to gain, little by little, self-confidence in this exercise where practice is necessary. By following a few tips on where to look, what to do with your hands, how to occupy the space, you will learn to feel comfortable in front of an audience.

The “Public Speaking VR” application can be downloaded for free here.

Top 10 best free VR apps for Android

Best free virtual reality games on Android

"A chair In A Room": a game that will scare you

Top 10 best free VR apps for Android

Virtual reality, because of its 360-degree immersion and its first-person narration mode, is perfectly suited for horror games and that is what "A chair in a room" is for you. offers. You are a lawyer who sits in an elevator. Each floor opens onto a sinister room. You will have to solve the puzzles and hold back your cries of fear to complete this game reserved for over 16s.

You will find “A chair in a room” for free here.

"InMind VR 2": an educational game at the heart of a teenager's brain

Top 10 best free VR apps for Android

Here is a game that will delight young and old alike. It is an educational game that subtly combines action, strategy and education. By diving into the heart of a teenager's brain, you can modify their emotions by playing on their neurons. An exciting, educational and unusual journey inspired by the “Pixar” film.

You can download the “InMind 2” app for free here.

"Whispering Eons # 0 VR": for fans of "Deus Ex"

Top 10 best free VR apps for Android

Those who liked "Deus Ex" or who adore cyberpunk type games, "Whispering Eons # 0 VR" is for you. Apart from its strange name, this virtual reality game is more ambitious than the majority of the others. Although it can work without a controller, use is nevertheless recommended.

“Whispering Eons # 0 VR” is available for free here.


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