Top 13 drag & drop VR creation tools for virtual reality

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  • Top 13 VR Creation Tools
  • Tilt Brush
  • Anyland
  • Modbox
  • Quill eye
  • SculptrVR
  • Paintlab
  • Kodon
  • Project dali
  • Mindshow
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  • Visor
  • Holos
  • primitive

Top 13 VR Creation Tools

Tilt Brush

Bought by Google, the Tilt Brush software allows you to paint in virtual reality. After drawing, the user can move around the virtual environment to contemplate his layout from all angles. In addition, it is possible to draw with all kinds of surreal materials such as stars, snow or fire. The possibilities offered by this tool are numerous, and there are already magnificent 


Developed by Scott Lowe and Philipp Lenssen, Anyland is an application for creating a whole fantasy world using polygons. The user can recreate their body, their home, and communicate with other users or explore their creations. This software specially designed for the HTC Vive has been available on Steam since October 2016. It already brings together more than 2000 users.


Modbox is a sandbox-style multiplayer game developed by Toronto-based studio Alientrap and available since last April. It offers the user to carry out all kinds of creation. In edit mode, it is possible to connect two objects which will behave as a single unit in game mode. Over 35 people use this software on HTC Vive.

Quill eye

The Oculus VR Creation Tool will be available in free beta starting December 6, along with the Oculus Touch controllers. This software was initially created to allow the artistic director of the firm, Wesley Allsbrook, to create the film Dear Angelica for Oculus Story Studio directly in virtual reality. Thus, the people and the setting move in real time according to the viewer's gaze.


Cette virtual reality sculpture application allows you to download a file and then print your creations in 3D very easily. The software is therefore one of the VR creation tools directly linked to the real world. Up to 16 users can collaborate simultaneously. Currently available on HTC Vive and Oculus Rift, SculptrVR will soon be ported to PlayStation VR.


Created by the VR LAB 4242 studio, located near Amsterdam, this app for HTC Vive makes it easy to paint and sculpt in virtual reality. Available since April 2016, this free software already brings together 55 users.


This sculpture application for HTC Vive has been available in Early Access since June. It is aimed at both amateurs and modeling professionals. The saved files can be used in Unity, Unreal Engine, ZBrush or even Blender.

Project dali

Adobe's first VR program comes as a direct response to Tilt Brush and Oculus Quill. The app is not yet available, but we already know that it will be possible to move around within your own creations.


Created by Visionary VR, this application allows you to customize animated videos at will. The user can bring their characters to life using their body and voice. All the actions of the characters can be recorded and viewed from all angles.


Tvori allows you to create virtual reality animations. The user use their hands directly to create animations, and can collaborate with friends.


This platform developed by Pixelface Ltd allows you to create and publish web content in virtual reality. You will be able to create and share your own 360 degree photos and other 3D models. The software also works in 2D and can therefore be used from a tablet or a web browser.


Holos allows you to import VR purchases from Oculus Home and Steam to then launch and manage the content from the home area. The user can create their own virtual room or even their own application.


Primitive is graphical interpretation software designed for VR and AR platforms. It is mainly intended for developers.

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