Top 15 companies creating VR technologies



The Japanese giant is shaping up to be a very big player in VR with the upcoming launch of its headset. In association with its flagship product, the PlayStation 4, Sony's PlayStation VR intends to dominate the market thanks to its accessibility to high-end virtual reality.

Even though the company is prepared to drastically reduce its resources for support in the event of negative sales results, the company has allocated more than 366 patents for VR technology and does not seem ready to let go yet. We will be more next October, the release date of Sony headphones.


The American multinational under the leadership of Satya Nadella is just behind Sony among the companies creating VR technologies. Although Microsoft's headset is more oriented towards augmented reality, the Microsoft Hololens remains an unequivocal technical feat.

The support born of several years of development and research takes into account the environment of its wearer, and interacts with it in the form of a hologram. Intended for a slightly more professional audience, the Microsoft Hololsens is the very symbol of its creator's technological progress.

We had the opportunity to write a test about it.


The Korean manufacturer is one of the precursors of VR technology. Generally known in the industry for its virtual reality headset for mobiles built in partnership with Oculus VR, Samsung has won its bet and is in second place in sales of VR support for smartphones with its Gear VR.

Despitea lower number of patents than these two predecessors, Samsung remains a threat of great quality to all companies venturing into the dangerous waters of virtual reality.


The fourth of the companiesCreators of VR technologies is American specializing in mobile technology. The company had also joined Google in fundraising of over $ 542 million for the startup Magic Leap.

The firm filed numerous patents on “Data processing”, a calculation method particularly suitable for the purposes of monitoring, managing or forecasting data depending on the recording media. In particular, Qualcomm recently introduced, a development kit dedicated to creating immersive experiences on smartphone and virtual reality headset.


The famous search engine has a real passion for virtual reality technology. After launching the Google Cardboard in 2014, a low-cost headset for smartphones, the subsidiary of the company Alphabet is preparing to launch his new virtual reality headset. Google's ambitions in the virtual reality market are known to all, the company is thus following up its domination on the carboard market by offering a platform for its users Android baptized.

Google is also taking advantage of its head start to continue to model the world in 3D. Afterwards, the company recently announced its desire to model the interior of buildings with.


The takeover of Oculus VR by Mark Zuckerberg's social network has had the effect of a bomb in the world of virtual reality. Now in the possession of the creator of one of the flagship products, Facebook has created its own highway in the race for technological creation.

If the capabilities of the Oculus Rift are no longer to be proven, the company also seems to be interested in the creation of virtual reality films by providing its own 360 ° camera. Now that his helmet is available for pre-order, Facebook wants to make its social network a place for 360 ° video sharing.


Direct competitor of previous companies, HTC in collaboration with the American studio Valve has also made its contribution to virtual reality. The Taiwanese manufacturer is risking a lot with its. Nevertheless, the helmet resulting from this association has proven many times its ability to transport its user to another world. Establishing the link between two universes, it wasn't long before other companies came up with enhancements for the support, most notably Manus VR's “Arm Tracking” system.

The Taiwanese group remains optimistic and estimates that VR will overtake the smartphone market within 4 years.



IBM, known for his project largely inspired by the virtual universe of a famous Japanese anime, dedicates a large part of his time to the development of VR technology. The multinational specialist in IT products does not stop at the simple adaptation of distractive content. The society in parallel is developing a mobile application for Tesco, using all of its expertise in augmented reality.


The American e-commerce company remains rather quiet about its future approach to virtual reality. Yet if we trust the serious leads, it is likely that Amazon has some surprises in store for us in this area. And rumors are still rife, between video platform and exclusive content, there are many assumptions about the final objective of this announcement of recruiting a VR manager.

However, the company should really move towards immersive narrative experiences although few details have been given to date.


The international group of German origin specializing in advanced technologies is an example of the potential of virtual reality to adapt to any type of environment. Siemens uses VR to develop 3D simulations allowing people practicing high-risk trades to train in a virtual environment. Preventive inventions capable of saving lives by preparing human beings for any type of emergency.


Despite its obvious decline in popularity in the mobile sales market, Nokia is catching up, according to LexInnova data with its share of more than 169 patents dedicated to virtual reality. However, compared to the other members of this top, the Finnish company seems to be, like IBM, still a little behind on the technical side. After the takeover of its mobile division by Microsoft, the company launches head-to-head towards the 360 ​​° cameras. It remains to be seen whether the Ozo camera is the new starting signal that Nokia is waiting for.


The number 1 Korean government research institution in the US water patent filing participates in the diversification of VR technology. With the help of his medical branch specializing in robotic cognitive research, “it is only a matter of time before 'telemedicine' allows doctors to communicate virtually with their patient“. Director You Bum-Jae is confident in these words and we can not wait to see these inventions implemented in the community.

Magic Leap

Specialized in augmented reality, Magic Leap has some great surprises in store for us to come. His record $ 1.4 billion fundraiser is more than just encouragement. The company is working on a completely new generation system comparable to Microsoft's headset. The company has been able to remain discreet about these prototypes. After repeatedly showing its capabilities on video, we can't wait to see the results of all its investments.

If you too are intrigued by the work of Magic Leap, here is the article going in a little more detail on the mysterious start-up.





With only" 109 patents filed, the world's leading semiconductor manufacturer has announced that it wants to participate in the virtual reality festivities. If Intel has already told us about its desires for a virtual reality headset, the American company could also offer a tracking and interaction system for VR technology, like Leap Motion.

Intellectual Ventures

Known to be one of the most hated technology companies, Intellectual Ventures is renowned for its provisional patent purchase, allowing it to sue its competitors for infringement. Virtual reality has not escaped the notice of the company which has thus filed more than 90 certificates on the market.

However, there is still no information on the reality of these “projects”. Hopefully Intellectual Ventures does not come up with a result that matches its sad reputation.

You know the face of companies prone to model our future virtual world. Your discerning eye will notice thatApple is not in the list because of its great discretion in the development of its products. However, there is every reason to believe that future Apple-approved products should see the light of day, although CEO Tim Cook does not see virtual reality as a niche market.

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