Top 20 things to do with virtual reality

1 - Draw in 3D

Now you can forget about restrictions due to the support or the colors of your designs. is the very embodiment of artistic creation in virtual reality. The famous search engine has made the impossible possible: drawing in a vacuum.

Equipped with your HTC Vive, the possibilities are endless and the results can be magnificent. Unfortunately, your work is currently not not shareable to people not equipped with a helmet. But Google should easily find an alternative to this concern.

If the experience tempts you, is available on Steam.

2 - Travel and experience 360 ​​° situations

Virtual reality has brought a new way of viewing audiovisual productions. Since 360 ​​° video-on-demand content is available on accommodation platforms like YouTube, our thirst for discovery is feasting on all these immersive destinations. From the Wingsuit jump to the launch of the DELTA IV rocket or the ascent of the world's largest peak, the possibilities are endless.

With poor beginnings in visual quality, 360 ° cameras have evolved to achieve the same graphics performance as traditional cameras. If the creation of immersive 360 ​​° content is still reserved for prossomateurs (consumers seeking to professionalize themselves), it will not be surprising to see more and more content appear in peripheral view.

Of course, for the more curious, we have gathered the best 360 ° videos.

3 - Fly like an eagle

Flying is one of the greatest dreams of human beings. If it has already been achieved with the various air vehicles, the feeling of freedom in the air has never really been achieved. Virtual reality makes this dream come true through the game from the famous French video game studio Ubisoft. If the idea ofplay as a majestic eagle may put off some of us, this game available on the various virtual reality headsets was however well received by the public. The freedom of movement and exploration fascinates and the experience seems very rewarding.

To take the path to heaven with your volatile friends, you will have to wait until the end of 2016.

4- Fly short

Research carried out by the University of Zurich specializing in interaction media has resulted in the development of the most realistic of virtual reality flight simulators. gives you access to the airway and exploration of the skies by slipping into the skin of a bird. With a virtual reality headset like the Oculus DK2 or the HTC Vive, added to the hydraulic platform simulating the animal's posture, offers an authentic experience.

To add realism to its simulation, Somniacs also added the feeling of the wind during your trip. The product had the honor of being presented in New York. After many prototypes and 2 years of testing, is now marketed, but so popular that the company is currently out of stock.

And if you are really not attracted to “bird flies”, you still have the option of taking control of an airplane like in War Thunder or Flight VR.

5- explore the seabed

Exploring the seabed has never been so easy. In October 2016, the PlayStation VR will be available to the general public and will immerse you in the depths of the oceans. , surely the most famous technical demonstration of Sony headphones, places the player in an underwater cage surrounded by sharks.

With increasing graphic quality, the experience full of aquatic twists is striking. Exclusive to the Japanese console, will be released at the same time as the PlayStation VR for a price still unknown.

6 - Live in an action movie

is just one of many examples of virtual reality shooter. This genre is common in these 3D environments where the controllers associated with the helmet promote this gameplay system. Virtual reality headsets bring much more immersion. Combined with a wide variety of weapons, the levels offered by the different games are worthy of the greatest action movies.

The scenarios are endless: on Oculus Rift makes you fight in a futuristic universe, on PlayStation VR immerses you in a gang war within the English capital while on HTC Vive puts you in the shoes of a master of archery.

From the simple hobbyist to the experienced gamer in search of adrenaline, virtual reality shooter games are a real change in the world of video games and an experience not to be missed.

7- Pilot drones

We had already presented Ehang's drone, its uses virtual reality to convey his vision to the pilot. Although drones are not yet part of consumers' everyday landscape, these aerial image capture vehicles are gradually integrating into our society. Virtual reality acts here as a tool for image capture. The experience is still pleasant and says a lot about the next technologies to come.

8 - Relive and share your own dreams

Telling your dreams is one of the most difficult experiences to share. Media Molécule, the studio creator of the hit game makes the impossible possible: share and relive the metaphorical inventions created by our subconscious during our sleep.

The company has been able to remain discreet about the development of. Media Molecule has been working hard for 4 years to offer us this surrealistic creation tool. Coming soon to Ps4 with PlayStation VR, we can't wait for this mystery-filled game. No release date announced yet, but it is sure to be an experience not to be missed.

9 - enjoy amusement parks without queuing

The Grand-Huit were the first victims of virtual reality. We can no longer count the number of applications touting its immersive qualities in its extraordinary attraction. But the success of the VR roller coaster is full of praise, because the sensations are very real. These experiences have benefited from many graphics improvements since then, and are surely one of the best of them. Available for free on Android and iOS, the virtual Grand-Eight will leave you speechless.

For versions a little more upscale, NoLimits 2 will satisfy your desire for thrills. The Oculus Rift compatible game lets you create your own rides, a way to test your stamina or surprise your friends.

10 - Climb cliffs from your living room

Exclusive to the Oculus Rift, is to date the best climbing simulation. Crytek has bet on the winning combination of virtual reality and extreme sports to offer astonishing graphic immersion coupled with innovative gameplay. Your climb is not easier in virtual reality, however. Indeed, although you do not climb in the same way as the regulars of the cliffs, your progress is made according to the pressure of your fingers on the triggers. With a breathtaking view throughout your sessions, is one of the top 20 things to do with virtual reality.

Available on the Oculus Home for 49.99 €.

11 - Visualize your festival ticket before buying it

For those who are fond of festive activities, finding a good seat is not necessarily an easy thing to do. Rukkus, a partner company with many event organizers, has developed the app allowing a user to view their seat 360 ° before purchasing it.

The experiment may seem outdated, but it should to delight all the curious or foreseeing wanting to make the most of a show. Currently exclusive to the United States, it would not be surprising to see this concept repatriated to France. A small revolution in online shopping that also applies to the purchase of your glasses.

12 - Embody an actress or a porn actor.

The idea makes you smile, but should delight the most naughty of us. The porn industry has measured the extent of virtual reality very well for its market. Although investors are still waiting for virtual reality headsets to become part of our daily lives, many 360 ° videos are available from the various hosts. A 360 ° camera virtually includes us in the role of the actor or actress of porn.

And we can say that this kind of content elicits a lot of reactions.

To know a little more, I invite you to take a look at our article on this subject.

13 - Become an agent of the DGSE

The arrival of virtual reality has revolutionized the world of film production. By redefining the narrative system, directors must adapt to new creative challenges. Canal + recently tried its hand at 360 ° cinema. Its original creation saw its spin-off walk the paths of 3D with a very successful result.

Virtual reality headsets offer us another axis of discovery in works where the entire decor must be taken into account. Many films in immersive view should arrive soon on our screens including the Pixar film or the new series from the creators of.

14 - Visit monuments from your living room

Let's agree on this point: virtual reality does not yet surpass real life. But for globetrotters or the simple curious, it is possible to discover where to rediscover the different monuments of the world equipped with your Google Cardboard or your Oculus Rift. No need to travel to take advantage of these unique constructions.

is an application allowing the virtual visit of the various French monuments. From the Eiffel Tower to the Louvre, including Chartres Cathedral, Notre Dame de Paris and the Lascaux caves, the possibilities grow over the years. You even have the opportunity to visit the various international universities with Youvisit.

15 - Being at the heart of artistic representations

Borrowing 3D modeling techniques, art sees the arrival of a new way to express artistic emotions. The agency Goodbye Silverstein & partners thus allowed users to dive into the work of Salvador Dalí. If virtual reality is often equated with gaming, art is also another form of outlet for this technology. Embellishing an original creation with a simulated reconstruction allowsmore easily access the emotional universe of its creator. illustrates this intention well by allowing the user to travel inside Vincent Van Gogh's painting.

16 - Watching TV on a home cinema in a chalet

We are returning to a slightly more utilitarian use of virtual reality with the application of the Netflix streaming platform. From now on, you can watch your current series projected on a giant screen in a chalet in the middle of the mountain. is available on the Samsung Gear VR. A way to get away from your everyday life after a long day of work.

Although the experience boils down to displaying a video in front of your eyes, the experience is interesting for a first step in virtual reality. Quick and easy to set up, the impression of watching a program in another environment is very real. Note that similar software also allows you to use your computer in virtual reality.

17 - Change sex

BeAnotherLab took advantage of the performance of the Oculus Rift to create an extraordinary experience: body transposition. We have already had the opportunity to discuss the system of the international collective in this article. Feel like someone else is an incredible thing made possible by virtual reality. Based on the symmetry of the movements of two people back to back, the tool is a real psychological and educational challenge. Still in development phase, was presented at the PrintScreen Festival in 2015.

18 - Return to work

This idea might sound silly, but it wasn't voted the best virtual reality experience for nothing. In a world where robots have replaced human labor, Owlchemy Labs teaches you a new form of employment. Free from any action among a choice of 4 different professions, the game offers you a short, but very fun experience in a crazy universe.

Delivered with the HTC Vive, is the essential step to fully discover the potential of virtual reality. It is also available on other high-end headphone platforms for € 27,99.

19 - Communicate by hologram

If augmented reality is a little less popular, its possibilities remain grandiose. Some media recently had the opportunity to test the Microsoft HoloLens, and the surprises this headset has in store for us are incredible. We're still a long way from the fantasy of Star Wars-style holographic conversations, but the augmented reality Skype remains a unique form of communication. The wearer projects the conversation window into their reality and the receiver has the ability to add holographic content live in their partner's vision.

If the version is not yet available to the general public, we can not wait to see this new version of Skype arrive with us for dialogues larger than life.

And for smartphone owners, mixing entertainment and communication in a movie theater with virtual reality.

20 - Learn languages ​​efficiently while having fun

is a cartoon universe developed for virtual reality by Maxime Miheyenko. Whoo, your virtual teacher, invites you to deepen your language learning. The principle is simple, you visit the rooms of a house where each element can be quoted at your request in the different languages ​​available among English, German or Spanish. This didactic game includes the majority of elements or objects used daily, a fun and efficient way to learn languages.

Virtual reality has educational virtues that should not be overlooked. Interactive teaching is the guarantee of a good integration of information. embodies the start of a new model of knowledge sharing for a brighter future.

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