Top 25 best games and experiences for the Oculus Quest

Top 25 best games and experiences for the Oculus Quest


Here is the list of the 25 best games for the Oculus Quest and the best experiences to enjoy on this headset. A selection of must-haves for the stand-alone headset from the Facebook subsidiary.

Released a little over six months ago, the Oculus Quest alone has revived consumer interest in virtual reality. It is true that this autonomous virtual reality headset has a lot of qualities that please. Sales of the Oculus Quest are also much higher than expected, proof of the success of this device which offers mainstream virtual reality. The success of such a helmet is also accompanied by a particularly extensive catalog. Launched with a catalog of 50 applications, it has rapidly swelled in recent months with the adaptation of many major virtual reality titles..

Best games and apps for the Oculus Quest

To help you choose the best titles to take advantage of your headset, here is a list concocted by our colleagues from the “Upload VR” newspaper. This selection of the best games and apps covers a wide spectrum of VR game genres..

25. Raccoon Lagoon: a very relaxing game

Until Nintendo got serious about virtual reality, Raccoon Lagoon is probably the closest thing to Animal Crossing with a virtual reality headset. In this adorable island lifestyle game, you explore idyllic locations and complete tasks to create a group of incredibly cute creatures. The full support of co-op makes it a great starting point for those who want a more relaxing, relaxing reality experience.

24. Wands: wizarding duels

Virtual reality has no shortage of spellbinding adventures, but Wands is probably the best place to get something from Harry Potter on Oculus Quest. In this magical dueling game, you can customize your set of moves and face them in spectacular battles. Add PvP support and you have one of the most robust wizarding games in virtual reality and one of the best games in Oculus Quest.

23. Fujii: a heavenly exploration on Oculus Quest

Fujii might be a little light on the content, but it's hard to deny that game interactions and environmental design are top notch. This offers a virtual paradise in which you awaken beautiful biomes as you explore and discover a hypnotic array of wild animals. It's over before you get really lost, but you can revisit it at your leisure and grow your own plants.

22. Orbus Reborn: A very good MMO on Quest

The search for a big budget VR MMO is desperate but, in the meantime, Orbus VR is a good place to whet your appetite. Orbus VR has also returned recently to polish its traditional take on the genre with some nice results. It's one of the only places in VR to meet online, pick your own class, and then level up with hours of content with a cross-play of full PC headsets.

21. BoxVR: to exercise in a fun way

Beat Saber's success inevitably invited many imitators, but BoxVR sets itself apart with its commitment to entertainment and fitness. In this addictive fast paced boxing game, you can track calories, set goals, and even create playlists to keep working out for as long as you want. Plus, online multiplayer mode adds a welcome touch of competition. If you are looking to lose weight with VR, this is one of the best places to do it.

20. Dreadhalls: an excellent defector from Gear VR

Dreadhalls could win the award for the oldest virtual reality game in the Oculus Quest. This procedurally generated scarefest was first launched in the early days of Gear VR, but hasn't lost any of its interest in Facebook's standalone headset. Explore dark mazes in search of escape, avoid death by monsters and expect to jump and scream a lot. Fun for the whole family…

19. Thumper: maximum pressure

Thumper may not have been originally designed for the Oculus Quest, but its compelling mix of scary atmosphere and visuals makes it just as powerful as when it was launched for the first time on PlayStation VR. You need to avoid destruction as you accelerate down a set path at an alarming rate, trying not to succumb to a spooky sense of fear when the pressure builds. This is one of the best games on Oculus Quest.

18. Journey of the Gods: Zelda on Oculus Quest

Oculus himself described the Voyage of the Gods as an adventure similar to that of Zelda and we can't think of a better way to put it. It might not have the scale of a Nintendo epic, but it captures quick wit and invention with satisfying results. Whether you're slaughtering monsters with a sword or inviting the power of the gods to alter landscapes, Journey of the Gods Presents is a great Virtual Reality Quest game.

17. Robo Recall Unplugged: an excellent shooter

We didn't think Epic Games' brilliant shooter would ever be able to hit the target to release on Oculus Quest. Still, the basic experience remains entirely intact here. This very complete enemy wave game lets you play as you like and have fun in the robot slaughter. Graphically, this obviously doesn't match the original on PC, but it's still an achievement that proves the platform is capable of large-scale VR gaming.

16. Apex construction: an ambitious successful adaptation

Apex Construct must be one of the most ambitious ports for VR and PSVR PCs in the Oculus Quest, offering a comprehensive campaign built around the satisfaction that comes with shooting a bow and arrows in virtual reality. Fast Travel games pulled off the conversion in style, delivering a full version of the features of a fun, if not spectacular, adventure that gives you a taste of what a great VR game looks like.

15. Rec Room and VRChat: the best of social on Oculus Quest

There are many spaces of social reality, but few of them can compete with Rec Room and VRChat in terms of accessibility and content. Rec Room not only offers an enjoyable mix of activities ranging from sports to co-op quests, but also provides the community with the tools to be entertained. And VRChat itself is a sprawling hub of possibilities and you can explore them with friends on other headsets and even create your own worlds and avatars. It's like we've been very close to Ready Player One so far. Plus, both apps are completely free!

14. Face Your Fears II: one of the best horror games on Quest

If virtual reality is good, it will surely scare your friends. Face Your Fears II has been specially designed for this purpose, featuring a number of scary scenarios that you can dare to face. Plus, Face Your Fears II is compelling proof that the best VR doesn't have to mean long-lasting experiences that tick all the boxes. Shorter, more precise applications can often have a greater impact.

13. Racket: NX is a mix of pinball and tennis

Racket: NX is unique because he imagines a sport that would not be possible in real life. It's like playing tennis solo with a pinball machine. Every time you hit the ball, it bounces around you in 360 ° and is insanely addictive with its satisfying haptics and great sound. This is one of the few virtual reality games where you can spend time honing a real skill just like you would in real life. It's also a great first-time experience that embodies the benefits of the wireless room scale.

12. Keep Talking And Nobody Explodes : le grand classique

About four years after its first virtual reality release, Keep Talking And Nobody Eexplodes remains one of the most instant and efficient ways to display virtual reality at parties and gatherings. A player puts on a helmet to defuse a bomb. Others refer to a free manual detailing the steps necessary to survive. The players have to work together, communicating at every step to achieve a safe result. It's frantic, ridiculous, heated, and essential in any virtual reality library. This makes it one of the best games in the Oculus Quest.

11. Acron: a collaborative game with friends

Acron is a virtual reality game like no other. VR players become a tree that must throw seeds and other weapons at the squirrels to prevent them from stealing their nuts. The twist? These squirrels are actually other gamers, who join smartphones through a free app working together to distract the VR user and claim their prize. It's a winning concept that translates seamlessly into a local and smooth multi-player virtual reality experience.

10. Job Simulator: another great classic

There's a reason Job Simulator remains one of the top-rated VR experiences since its launch in 2016. Its finely tuned mix of engaging interactions and sandboxed environments make it the perfect venue to showcase the game. virtual reality to others. It's a silly, liberating, and truly magical virtual experiment. Expect the launch of Vacation Simulator on Oculus Quest to be just as important.

9. Virtual-Virtual Reality: an excellent narrative experience on Oculus Quest

Virtual-Virtual Reality feels ahead of its time. It's a storytelling-driven virtual reality experience that takes a satirical look into the future in which we find ourselves buying these new helmets. The more you delve into its twisted world, the more revealing this uplifting tale becomes. An essential part of early VR storytelling.

8. The Exorcist: Legion VR will plunge you into absolute terror

Wolf & Wood was the perfect fit for a VR Exorcist game. The studio's “A Chair in a Room” series sought a more daunting psychological scare than many cheaper horror games. He applies that logic to this disturbing five-part series that lives up to its name.. Exorcist VR is a methodical police terror that you won't want to miss ... if you're brave enough.

7. I Expect You To Die: Become a Spy on Oculus Quest

“I Expect You Would Die,” from Schell Games, which launched years ago, offered a handful of levels that made for a great escape with a VR style. Since then, the developer had added even more levels for free, making the Oculus Quest version, arrived in May 2019, the best version to date. It is an extremely pleasant component designed specifically for virtual reality.

6. Accounting +: a delirious universe

Virtual reality is no stranger or more unreal than Accounting +, and we hear it very well. This crazy mashup of the minds of Rick and Morty and Crows, is a surprising and erratic exploration of the presence of characters in virtual reality. In Accounting +, grotesque creatures yell at you and friendly abominations are crushed by accident. It's scary, goofy, hilarious, and a lot of other things that most VR games don't have. This makes it one of the best games in the Oculus Quest.

5. Moss: a very successful third person platformer

Moss is another game that might not seem like a natural fit for the Oculus Quest. This third-person platformer sets a powerful bond between player and protagonist that fuels innovative gameplay and the joyful sense of discovery. If you don't have a PlayStation VR or PC headset, this is the best example of why VR doesn't have to be the first person to be successful.

4. Red Matter: the best adaptation on Oculus Quest

Overall, there are a lot of developers that have done a really good job bringing their VR games for PC and consoles to the Oculus Quest. However, no one has managed to do it as well as Red Matter, which absolutely shines on the platform. In this intriguing mystery, you travel to an alien planet to investigate an abandoned enemy base in the midst of a Cold War-style sci-fi conflict. However, developer Vertical Robot puts immersion above all else, creating an experience you can really get lost in.

3. Beat Saber: the big revelation

Beat Saber finds his most natural form on Oculus Quest. A wireless game that breaks down the barriers between you and the music by weaving your way through a growing list of tracks. Beat Saber is a powerful, energetic and most addicting game in virtual reality. Don't expect this status to change anytime soon.

2. Star Wars: Vader Immortal Episode I + II: for Star Wars fans

Star Wars: Vader Immortal is a fascinating example of a virtual reality experience that sits between gaming and interactive storytelling. Its story is a self-proclaimed 'living life' lesson from developer ILMxLAB, who strives to make you feel like a character in a galaxy far, far away. You will truly feel in the presence of the Dark Lord and wielding a real lightsaber.

1. Superhot VR: arguably the best game on Quest

Here's another win for Superhot VR. It is a testament to the power of this virtual reality shooter even today. A powerful combination of VR moves, combat and cinematic flair that others can only replicate. Best of all, Quest's lack of cables and its top-notch port make it the best way to play arguably the best VR game. To dethrone Superhot VR will be difficult.

Do you agree with this list of the best games and apps for Oculus Quest? Let us know in the comments below!

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