Top best virtual reality rhythm games

Top best virtual reality rhythm games


- different genres of video games are not all suitable for virtual reality. While first person shooters and VR RPGs, for example, are often captivating, platform or strategy games are often disappointing.

If there is a style of play that turns out to be even more interesting in VR that on console or PC, it is indeed that of rhythm games. These games not only allow you to test your sense of tempo, but also often to feast your senses and do a little sport while having fun.

Whether it's dance games or music, many rhythm games in virtual reality are excellent. Discover our selection of the best.

Beat Saber, the most popular VR rhythm game

Should we still present Beat Saber? A true leader in rhythm games in VR, this title developed by an independent studio has met with phenomenal success to the point that it is the first virtual reality game to hit the million mark downloads.

This is an original concept game, halfway between Guitar Hero and Star Wars. Equipped with two lightsabers, the player must cut cubes that scroll to the rhythm of the soundtrack.

Quickly, the player finds himself almost dancing to succeed in slicing the cubes at the right time while avoiding obstacles. The visual and sound effects are jubilant.

Beat Saber game can make you lose pounds while having fun and developing your sense of rhythm. From a simple indie game, the title has become a reference to such an extent that a partnership with Imagine Dragons has been established.

Audica, the VR rhythm game from the creator of Guitar Hero

Audica is not just any VR rhythm game, since it is developed by Harmonix : the creator of the famous Guitar Hero and Rock Band franchises.

Halfway between a shooter and a rhythm game, the game offers to use different weapons to shoot targets to the rhythm of the music. One could describe this title as a Beat Saber in which sabers are replaced by guns.

Plus the player is precise and synchronized with the rhythm, the more points he scores. The higher his score, the more he climbs in the world ranking. Fans of competition will therefore be in heaven.

La soundtrack is composed by the world's most popular electronic musicians, and that's a real advantage that only a large studio like Harmonix can enjoy.

Electronauts, become a DJ in virtual reality

Electronauts is developed by Survios, to whom we owe some of the best VR games tels that Raw Data, Creed or Sprint Vector.

It is not strictly speaking a rhythm game, but a real tool allowing you to create your own music, remix them, and play them on a festival stage in front of a crowd of virtual spectators.

You can also join your friends to "jam"together and set the turntables on fire. If you've always wanted to be a DJ, now is the time to make your dream come true.

Holodance, the very first VR rhythm game

Introduced in 2015, Holodance is one of the very first virtual reality rhythm games. However, since its launch, this title has evolved a lot.

Initially, the Story mode only allowed dancing to a few songs created especially for the game. Now you can play more than 12 songs in Free Mode, with 20 different environments.

The goal is to dance while catching orbs with their head or hands. If you own Vive Trackers, you can even use your feet!

Audioshield, the freest VR rhythm game

Originally, Audioshield was a rhythm game available on PC. It has the great advantage of allow the player to use any song from their collection as a soundtrack.

The aim of the game is use shields to protect against scrolling notes in rhythm. The adaptation to virtual reality is excellent, and offers a sensation of immersion on an unprecedented scale.

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