Top Marketing Uses of Augmented Reality

Top Marketing Uses of Augmented Reality


Gamify your brand with augmented reality

On the business side, the use of augmented reality can be done through gamification of a brand or a product. Gamification is a very simple concept, it allows you to take a concept, a product, a slogan and others and make it a game. To create play, fun from a brand idea. Thus, the customer does not discover the product through cold advertising, but gets involved, manipulates the idea or the product, while being bathed in an atmosphere fun and relaxed.

Top Marketing Uses of Augmented Reality

Added to this idea of ​​gamification, augmented reality offers users the possibility of manipulating a 3D object, which would represent a product for example, and this everywhere, at home, in the office, in the subway. Instead of getting bored in the metro, the user is happy by playing an AR game linked to a brand. Very quickly, the brand becomes synonymous with pleasure and fun for the user. This kind of marketing creation can really create a good relationship with a brand, but also power target a younger audience, which, if the game is ambitious, will soon have share on social networks this little ludo-marketing pearl. Social media games are small marketing seeds for brands that can grow into huge trees casting a broad shadow.

Of course, this kind of game can be put on different stores, but should also be featured in stores. Thus, in addition to sharing a unique experience with customers, this kind of small creations tend to stop passers-by in shops to test this curiosity of the future. Nothing better to attract new customers.

Create unique emotions

Any good psychologist will tell you, it is the strongest emotions that create the most lasting and profound traumas, from this observation, even if the goal is not to traumatize the public, we can logically say that it is in creating strong emotions in the viewer that an advertisement can mark his mind.

Nothing better for a brand than to create a universe or a scenario that makes dreaming and fantasizing your audience, which frees him from the daily grind to plunge him into another world full of wonders and nothing better than augmented reality for immerse the viewer durably and deeply. Being able to offer an engaging world and leaving the door open to escape to users, which they will be able to discover on the walls of their rooms, is clearly an experience that will mark them and allow them to remember the brand.

Top Marketing Uses of Augmented Reality

Of course this marketing quality is to be linked with the previous one, in order to create a striking and ambitious experience.

Marketing Anywhere Anytime

Augmented reality has brought a whole new form of GPS, GPS in augmented reality. Marketing interest? It is simply grandiose. The concept of augmented reality GPS, for those who don't yet know what it is, is for the user to place their smartphone somewhere in a city, point to an area around them and ask the app to find the way to such and such a place. From there, the app shows, via the smartphone and 3D, the path to take directly on the walls of the city, with a significant amount of information on the screen and a real-time evolution.

Top Marketing Uses of Augmented Reality

But it also allows some stores to be able to put themselves forward, thus in this kind of application, when the user asks for a route, the app indicates key points which are located around, metro lines, bus lines but also restaurants and others. By entering this kind of database, a brand or store could have unique visibility and give the user all the information needed to move to the desired location.

In addition to GPS, we imagine that any form of geolocation could bring this new kind of marketing. Natural evolution of advertising posters on large billboards or in the street, the virtual advertising panel will logically develop with augmented reality. While aiming for something outside, advertisements will appear as brands have rented a piece of virtual wall.

Facilitate training and education

Training and educating can come from certain angles quite difficult and the resources given to trainers and / or teachers are sometimes far from being in the era of the times. It is also very difficult for those who are learning to have all the weapons to approach their future profession. It is clear that learning through abstract diagrams and overloading theory can hardly prepare 100% in the real job.

But augmented reality has the power to bring a new dimension to training. With 3D models, it will now be possible to show, no longer with diagrams, but with photo-realistic visuals, the objects and technologies with which the trainee will be confronted. With the possibility for the latter to manipulate objects, but also to discover the different stages of production and the different layers of a machine for example. Not to mention the lower cost of these 3D models compared to real models.

Top Marketing Uses of Augmented Reality

The virtual but realistic dimension also allows something unique and new. Handling in realistic conditions of sometimes dangerous contexts but in the secure virtual bubble.

Not to mention that this same kind of application can greatly facilitate demonstrations to potential investors. In any case, like virtual reality, augmented reality is necessarily the future of education and training 100% effective and preparing the best for the business world.

The best of maintenance

Maintenance is one of the most restrictive areas in business. Finding experts, having all the information at hand to ensure the best maintenance and this in real time, this kind of thing can become a real headache for companies. Scattered paper documents, digital documents lost no one knows where or still not up to date, this kind of little problem can put a stop to good maintenance.

But augmented reality can bring such ease and speed to maintenance that we can only adopt it. All you have to do is point your tablet or smartphone at a particular machine to have all the information about it. Quick access information, easily modifiable, which change in real time for anyone in the world and where there is a whole host of applications that can be very useful for maintenance.

Top Marketing Uses of Augmented Reality

Above all, this kind of application will allow switch very quickly to information concerning this or that part of a machine without having to turn 100 pages of a heavy file. Augmented reality will also allow laymen to easily understand the devices they have in front of them, without necessarily having to bring an expert on site, but by exchanging from smartphone to smartphone.

The fitting at its peak

Move, try, give up, move, try, buy, move, discover that it was not good, move, change, try again ... A little dance, shopping, which can be very heavy in length, which costs money on the go for the user but also business money in the exhibition of different models. In addition, it is clear that in buying furniture for example, it is easy to make a mistake and it is very frustrating and very exhausting to have to make a change again.

Top Marketing Uses of Augmented Reality

Augmented reality can bring so much to the fitting that you can clearly talk a revolution in the field. No need to move, a virtual catalog is there to offer you all models, in all colors, in all sizes, from all angles. No need to undress and get dressed again, sometimes with clothes that have already been tried on by people who do not care much about personal hygiene, just drape a 3D model. No need to take a thousand and one steps to put a piece of furniture in your living room, just place the 3d model just to see if it passes or not.

Top Marketing Uses of Augmented Reality

The user will be able to handle, see from all angles a product, to play with him, but above all to have the ability to access it from any location. Nothing better than augmented reality for fuel compulsive buying behaviors, one click and the object is accessible. It is clear that this kind of application is the future of the fitting and its biggest revolution, the example of Ink Hunter is more than speaking.

Unique marketing ideas

Ideas related to marketing and augmented reality can be incredibly unique, original and striking. Small example among many others, the cards that lead to works in augmented reality.

This marketing idea is simple, after having created an engaging application in augmented reality, like a game or a wonderful little story, the brand creates business cards that it can distribute here and there in different places, in order to increase its visibility. . Once the customer has taken the card, they are invited to scan a code on the card which takes them to a surprise, an augmented reality experience.

Top Marketing Uses of Augmented Reality

A very good way to elegantly and subtly link physical and virtual marketing but above all to create a surprise that can only make this augmented reality experience more impressive for the user. In addition, cards can easily exchanged from hand to hand and AR experiences on social networks, so no visibility, whether physical or virtual, escapes the brand.

This kind of clever idea is just one example and the possibilities for marketing creations are very numerous.

Creation and access to a direct database

Everything that follows is hypothetical, but wearing augmented reality glasses or helmets will bring its share of virtual information on reality and it's a safe bet that this kind of information one day concern people, their tastes, their purchasing habits, their social and economic profile...

In short, we can clearly imagine that soon in-store salespeople wear this kind of glasses and have access to a database on the purchasing habits of their customers. Thus, a customer enters the store and even if it is for the first time, the salesman already knows his tastes, can already guide the customer towards such or such purchase, in such or such color, to then feed this database a little more.

Top Marketing Uses of Augmented Reality

Of course, some will have a problem with respect for private life, which is understandable, but there is a two-way street. For companies it is clear, power more easily, quickly and with surgical precision sell something, for a buyer there is also an interest. This will allow him to get faster access to a product and a service who will be closer to him, more personalized.


Thus, augmented reality drapes our future and the future of the capitalist universe with a whole new dimension, a dimension which facilitates access, accelerates exchanges, opens up new avenues, but above all brings comfort, a density of information. quickly updated and exchanged and a security that leaves you speechless. Helmets like the HoloLens, the test of which you can find here, or the Sulon Q, which mixes virtual and augmented reality, will take our daily lives into the future and our future in science fiction. Of course, these headsets are still very expensive, the Meta 2 being the cheapest on the market and most of the applications mentioned or imagined above are still to be done and especially to improve, but there is a real potential and we cannot what to expect when this technology becomes popular.

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