Top virtual reality and 360 degree videos of the wonders of the world

Top virtual reality and 360 degree videos of the wonders of the world


We have listed the most beautiful 360-degree videos to visit the wonders of the world that our ancestors bequeathed to us. Make yourself comfortable, put on your virtual reality headset, and travel the planet to discover the wonders of the world. For a better visual experience, we recommend that you choose the best definition for each video 360 degree wonders.

Visit the pyramid of Kheops in 360-degree videos

Give honour where honour is due. We will of course start this video tour with the pyramid of Kheops, last of the wonders of the ancient world still standing today. The famous Giza Pyramid has fascinated its visitors for thousands of years and continues to exercise an irresistible attraction for millions of visitors. 360-degree video guided tour… aboard a camel.

Wonders of the modern world in 360-degree videos

The Great Wall of China in 360-degree video

The great Wall of China is still the most important structure ever built by our ancestors whether in its length, its mass or even its surface. Stretching over 6.250 kilometers, this imposing wall served as a military fortification to protect the northern border of the empire. Arm yourself with "bravitude" for this 360 ° virtual video tour of this incredible building.

The Petra site in video in video for VR headset

The Nabataean city found in Jordan remained forgotten for centuries before being rediscovered in 1812. The city, carved into the rock, is an architectural marvel that astonishes and amazes its visitors. Petra is hidden in the mountainous region of Edom and cleverly concealed by rocks. The troglodyte city has long been a crossing point for caravans and trade before sinking completely into oblivion. Discovery of this wonderful city in 360-degree video.

Familiarize yourself with the 360 ​​° skies with the lost city of Machu Picchu

Another city fallen into oblivion and rediscovered late, the city of Machu Picchu never ceases to amaze its visitors. Perched on top of a mountain in the Andes Cordillera, the Inca city offers us the ruins of a civilization that dominated South America before the arrival of the Spaniards. The perfection of its architecture and the mysticism of the place leave a magical experience to be discovered in 360-degree videos and virtual reality.

Christ the Redeemer in 360-degree videos

Become the true emblem of the city of Rio de Janeiro, the statue of Christ the Redeemer is a must during a stay in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Perched 710 meters high, the statue of Christ is a modern technological feat. Measuring 38 meters high, the statue was, in part, sculpted by a Frenchman and erected by another Frenchman. 360-degree guided tour of this extraordinary monument.

360 degree VR video of Chichén Itzá

The ancient Mayan city of Chichen Itza still remains an enigma for historians. The cult of the feathered serpent is very present there. The truly spectacular large pyramid, the large ball game field and the observatory stand alongside more modest but equally magnificent buildings. Discover the majestic ruins of this Mayan city in these 360-degree videos.

360 degree virtual tour of the Colosseum

The Colosseum, a veritable temple of Roman games, is located in the heart of the city of Rome. This magnificent building, partly destroyed, could accommodate 75.000 spectators excited by the gladiatorial fights and the circus games organized by ancient Rome for centuries. In ruins, the imposing building continues to fascinate visitors eager to learn about the wonders of the ancient Roman Empire that ruled the world for centuries. Small 360-degree tour in this temple of bloody circus games.

Discover the splendor of the Taj Mahal in 360 degrees

Le Taj Mahal palace in India is a true architectural gem. This magnificent complex is dotted with gardens and pavilions. More than 350 years old, more than 1.000 elephants had to be employed to transport materials from different regions of the country. The Taj Mahal palace is still the subject of many legends and its symbolism is the source of much speculation. A 360-degree tour of this wonder of the modern world.

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