Twinmotion 2018: brilliant software for adapting an architectural project in VR

Twinmotion 2018: brilliant software for adapting an architectural project in VR


Real estate is a sector undergoing profound change with the arrival of virtual reality. It is often difficult for potential clients to project themselves from 2D plans. A 3D video is a plus which improves the projection in the future. Virtual reality in architecture, when it comes to it, allows you to fully immerse yourself in a project. Twinmotion 2018 intends to greatly facilitate the use of VR in architects' plans.

Twinmotion 2018 to create VR from Autodesk Revit or Archicad

Twinmotion 2018 allows you to easily import a 3D project designed on Archicad or Autodesk Revit, two software programs widely used by architects. The software can then easily create 360-degree videos that the customer can view in an HTC Vive, Oculus Rift or even Samsung Gear VR virtual reality headset.. But Twinmotion 2018 goes much further than presenting simple videos made from the import of the project.

Indeed, in order to make them more lively and realistic, the architect will be able, before moving on to the phase of generating immersive videos, to give a human side to the project. Architects will also be able to place their building in their future environment. It is also possible, for example, to add people inside or outside the building. These people can be either to discuss in a group or still to wander or to pass according to an itinerary that you can define..

Twinmotion 2018 allows you to create a realistic environment

The user will be able to project themselves much better in a future building by seeing how people will be able to interact in the place. For even more realism, it is possible to add vegetation, furniture as well as customize the decor and textures as if it were an interior design, to manage the automatic opening of the doors or still add vehicles moving around the building. Twinmotion 2018 also allows you to easily add background noises such as footsteps, conversation, etc. As you can see in the various videos, the realism in virtual reality is striking and offers a way to project yourself much better than a simple model or 2D plans.

Note that Twinmotion 2018 is developed by the French company Abvent. The software dedicated to architects will be available at the end of the month when it is presented during the Siggraph fair to be held in Los Angeles, United States at the end of the month..

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